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    Greatest Western movie of all time

    Toss up between Outlaw Josey Wales and Tombstone Comedy western Blazing Saddles, My name is Nobody.
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    Lobster or King Crab

    Neither. I have developed a allergy to both. I ship a few hundred thousand pounds of King Crab a year. I also buy 40 lbs for my friends/family for our 2 annual parties, 4th of July and Christmas. I get it from my customer for cost and if we have had a good year, they will comp it to me...
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    Golf and Wine tasting @ Chambers Bay

    No just Browne. It is a very good Cab and Blends but I almost never buy it because the label is so boring. Ridiculous, I know but I like good wine but also cool bottles and labels.
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    Golf and Wine tasting @ Chambers Bay

    They seem to have a large number of wines but the one I see the most is Browne mainly because our Costco carries it. I am sure they will have some of their higher end wines available.
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    Golf and Wine tasting @ Chambers Bay

    My wife got me this package for my birthday. It includes warm up instructions by their PGA pros, 9 holes of golf then Precept Wine tasting at the Chambers Bay Grill. I'll be playing with my father in law so it should be a good time and knowing the two of us, the wine tasting will cost much more...
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    2019 Odyssey EXO Putters Thread

    I'm loving my EXO 7s SL. I finally found a putter that I connect with more than the V Line Fang I've been using for 4 years.
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    What are you watching (No Spoilers)

    My wife and I are doing the same although only about halfway through Season 2. It's like Sons of Anarchy on a horse ranch instead of motorcycle. We love this show and it's the best thing Kevin Costner has done in many years.
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    BBQ and Outdoor Cooking Thread

    I just picked this up for our motor home. Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett. I really wanted the Grilla Chimp or RecTec RT 340 but they are 24” high and my basement storage opening is 25”. It was too close to chance blowing $600 plus on. The Davy will get a test next week while camping at the...
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    Favorite Golf Ball

    I was a die hard Truvis fan until I played the Bridgestone E12 Soft. I also have 4 dozen Srixon Z Stars but they may not get much playing time since the E12 Soft seems to fit my current game so well.
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    First time playing since February

    I picked up my Mavrik irons right after the release date and played 2 rounds in sloppy conditions before Covid19. After our course reopened I wasn't motivated to get out there for whatever reason but I played Friday and now have the itch to get back to playing regularly. I did have a couple...
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    Favorite NON-BLADE putter shape: Pics Demanded

    Pro Golf Discount is a local store. They also sell online, I see it is $199 on their site. I had some buyer points which is probably why I got it for $179.
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    Favorite NON-BLADE putter shape: Pics Demanded

    I just picked this up yesterday on sale for $179. I went in looking to buy a Black 10s but after putting with this for about 10 minutes, I was hooked.
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    The Best You Ever Saw - MLB Edition

    I grew up in Lexington, KY going to see the Reds during the Big Red Machine days. After the Marines I moved to WA state when the Mariners were actually competitive. These are the greatest players I ever saw in person. I was at the game when Mark McGwire hit the biggest Home Run I ever witnessed...
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    Gangster Pictures

    Goodfellas The Departed Donnie Brasco Casino I would love to see a movie about Sammy the Bull Gravano but not the over the top ass kiss movie like Gotti turned out to be. I read Underboss when it first came out and got me hooked on mob stories. Not a movie but The Sopranos.

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