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  • You can't hide from me! Thanks for the SS gift. The location of your post office gave it away :)
    That's awesome that you are a returning Morgan Cup player. The crazy thing would be if you got callaway and team paradise again lol.

    Can't wait to see what sponsor you get Tim. Again I congrats on making the Morgan Cup and having your Team Name picked
    I saw you adding in last night so i thought I would include you in the fun.

    Welcome back! Holy Cow dude. Great name. Congrats. Need to get a practice round in with you.
    Paging Tim, paging Tim, please report to the Iowa thread, we have putt-putt talk. Thank you.
    Thanks for posting the "Hole of the Day" videos. They turned out pretty cool.
    Dude, You have an awesome announcing voice. Im sure Ive said it before, but its unreal. Love your unboxing videos!
    Thanks for the recommendation to join THP. The people seem really cool. It was great playing a round yesterday..... Next time I'll straighten my drives out a little more.... :banghead:

    Talk to you soon bro'..... I'll text you my contact info. Let's play again soon.
    I've actually played there Tim! It's been about 10 years but I remember it being nice and out in the middle of nowwhere! Will do!
    Haha. I asked GolferGal for the name change. It's what everyone refers to me as anyway...looks like your nickname stuck!
    I feel ya. I was waiting till it got a little closer, but if everybody wants one, I will be more than happy to oblige.
    Thanks, TBT! I suppose your nickname will stick with me forever on this site. I really don't mind...
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