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  • Great Driver and extremely forgiving. PING's SFT is a hit. Two issues I had which were no big deal and fixed easily
    1. K15 is stock 45.75". I had it cut down to 44.5" and that helped greatly as well for accuracy. Started hitting the "sweet spot" more. Have not lost much distance at all. Also, wfter going to heavier shaft(65g) went with lighter Golf Pride Grips. Swing weight now D4 vs D3 stock
    2. Stock TFC shaft is garbage in my opinion. You can demo Aldila Serrano 60 which is an option, but i did not like that one either. I went with AXE XCaliber 6 (3.5 torque vs. stock 4.8 torque) via which has helped give me better dispersion. Liked the shaft so much I got the Tour version for my K15 3W

    Finally, K15 is a HIGH launch driver, so make sure 12* is really a fit for you. Generally PING Drivers are 1-1.5* high in loft than shown. This is why I went with slightly lower launch shaft. I'm waiting for G15 prices to fall to pick up a 9*

    good luck !
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