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    Mavrik vs Sub Zero on high toe hits

    I'm looking at snatching either the Mav or SZ on CPO since prices there are dropping like crazy. My most fatal miss is when I catch one high toe and it hooks off the planet - or down the woods toward the river at my course. Hoping for any feedback on either/both of these drivers and how they...
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    Took the PXG bait , and here are my way too early thoughts.

    Geez - just saw that the Gen2 0311's are same price that I have locked for the 0211 be setting my fitting prior to the prior sales end - now I have more in my head than just what shafts if I go w/ any PXG iron at all! Now a combo of XF & P seems to be in play. I'll just put my trust in the fit...
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    Took the PXG bait , and here are my way too early thoughts.

    Anyone had the lengths taken down? Looking at specs they seem to be about a half inch long compared to what I've been playing (i25) in comparable lofts (the number on the club is significantly different, so I'm just looking at loft to loft & length to length). I don't want to create a huge...
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    Took the PXG bait , and here are my way too early thoughts.

    I was lucky to get a fitting scheduled as quick as I did - driving a bit for it but already was going to be in area for a wedding - they are holding the price for me as well for the $89/iron. What irons/shafts did you play before and did you play them all the way down to the 4i like you are w/...
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    Am I overreacting on this build?

    looks like a beginner took a shot at those - I would know from my garage builds
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    Took the PXG bait , and here are my way too early thoughts.

    Would love any more feedback you gather on the 5 iron. I have a fitting next week for the 0211 and looking at 5-W. Very happy to hear about the MMT holding up, I'm excited to give those a whirl. Also keep seeing feedback on the poor grips - have to weigh options on upgrading through them or...
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    2021 PXG 0211 Long Iron Question

    Thanks for the thoughts on the 5 iron guys, a few more questions Were you fit by PXG? Did they have anything other than the 7 to hit? What shaft did you go with/what were you playing before? I'm very interested in the MMT 80g Stiff, never played graphite in irons, but have heard such good...
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    2021 PXG 0211 Long Iron Question

    I have a fitting set up next week for the 0211's and was hoping for any thoughts/feedback anyone might have on the longer irons - 5 iron specifically. I am expecting to go 5-W, which given the lofts I'm looking at as more of a 4-9 set up, then going into my TK 45* and Scor 50*/55* to finish out...
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    Tour Edge Exotics C721 and E721 Irons

    Thank you for the responses here. I'm leaning toward the E721 as the lofts seem to fit my desired set makeup, the price is better, and I would enjoy the additional forgiveness - at distances outside 150 I'm happy with 'close to the green'. My big concern, that you mentioned also, is the...
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    Tour Edge Exotics C721 and E721 Irons

    Any input out there from folks that have put the E721 up against the Mavrik? I have a demo Mavrik 7i right now with the Elevate 95 stiff and like it, but don't love it and it feels like a really heavy swingweight like others noted in their reviews. I was thinking about looking to demo the E721...
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    For Sale Cobra Forged TEC Black One Length 5-GW DG AMT S300 & Cobra One Length 3 Utility C-Taper Lite 110 Stiff

    Two items for sale: Weekend Price Drop 2/26 Cobra Forged TEC Black One Length Iron Set 5 - Gap Wedge (I took an inch off the gap because I used it more for chipping than full shots, lead tape added to get back swing weight and take flight down/spin down) Dynamic Gold Tour White AMT S300 Golf...
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    WTB: Cobra One Utility Black 2 - 3 Iron

    Looking for a Cobra One Black Utility 2 - 3 in stiff flex. Shipping will be to 95361.
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    WTB Cobra One Utility Black 3-4, 21-24*

    Like the title says, looking for a cobra One Length Black Utility in the 2-3 head, or maybe the 3-4 head. Steel stiff, RH
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    Wilson Triton Adapter

    I've been poking around online and can't seem to find any OEM Wilson driver adapters. A few on the bay, but that seems to be the extent of it. Golfworks looked to have had them, but no longer in stock. So a little background, looking to test my Triton with a shorter/different shaft, I like...

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