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  • I am glad I had a chance to chat with you a bit at True Blue! Congrats again on a huge win!
    Sounds like a winner Ken.
    I can come over closer to your daughter or we can search for something good.
    Perhaps Lake Presidential or something on that level it's going to be tough to find better Golf than Grand Cypress.

    Sure thing buying you a drink V.man.
    If you ever make it up to see your Daughter in Ashburn and have the time I'd like to be able to tee it up with you.
    Don't be fooled by my antics over the outing I do take the game seriously.
    It bummed me out that JB had to cancel the competition so not having to drive anywhere opened up the party Golf with friends.


    Hey V.man,
    I had a great time sharing the Villa with you.
    I was wondering if you have a pay pal account to send some $$ to help pay for the meatball dish that you took the time to research and put together. From the buzz on the site the spicy meatballs where a hit.

    Jim Dempsey

    aka sharkwrestler
    Yeah, Jim. It was a great long weekend. I hated to see it end.
    Don't worry about the meatballs, man. That was probably the cheapest thing I did all weekend. You can buy me a drink the next time we get together. They did turn out pretty good though. I wasn't sure until you got back and sampled them.
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