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    2021 Round Count Thread

    Rounds 106 and 107 today. Walked 36 yesterday and today. I'm tired this evening.
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    The Mizuno Experience Contest and Live Update Thread

    Somebody needs to get things rolling. If not, then good luck to everyone tomorrow.
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    Cake vs Pie?

    Exact opposite of this ^^^^ Pie over cake. Frosting is not for me.
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    What sport/game would you add to the Olympics?

    Similar to @MONTANTK but roller derby!!!
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    Which Callaway Apex Would You Choose?

    Mixed set! Apex DCB: 4 Apex 21: 5 - 7 Apex Pro: 8 - PW
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    Weather in your area.

    Tomorrow's forecast is 97* and lots of humidity. Happy to say; I will not be golfing.
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    Most iconic golf photo?

    These two photos from @BuckNasty and @tahoebum. A little bit off topic but we had a discussion on the course the other day about the durability of golf fashion. The conversation started with puffy pleated pants, saddle back shoes, and polos four sizes too big with sleeves past your elbow...
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    The Mizuno Experience Contest and Live Update Thread

    I'm looking forward to following along and seeing lots of great equipment, course, and food photos. Good division of talent for the contest but I'll go with.... Team Vosh
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    2021 Round Count Thread

    Round #103 today. I'm golfed-out and need a break. I won't swing a club until Friday. My game deteriorated over the last two weeks. Could it to be from playing too much?!?!? :) Let's hope a few days off does the trick.
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    OU/TX to SEC?

    Nick Saban is a de facto state employee (understand many schools separate their ADs from the university) who makes $8.3M+. I'm a strong believer in the free market but the institution he works for is supported by AL taxpayers. If the company he works for had to cover more of their overhead...
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    OU/TX to SEC?

    Sadly, the only tradition that matters includes lots of Benjamins. Missouri and Kansas had one of the longest football traditions in the country. Poof!. Just think if OSU v Mich disappeared that fast? OSU has a serious advantage for the last decade but it's still a great tradition. I enjoy...
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    Official Rant of the Day

    Finished my 2020 taxes this morning after filing an extension in May. Looking forward to being a full-time FL resident in '21!!! I'll still spend summers in the Land of 10,000 taxes for a few more years.
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    The 2021 Mizuno Experience

    Agree with @Gman79...good choice. Did you get a stiff arm too? I found this greatly reduces the natural flex point between the hard case upper and soft side lower sections.
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    OU/TX to SEC?

    I'd be shocked if the Big 10 went this direction. Football and basketball pay the bills but think of all the sports like swimming, wrestling, field hockey, volleyball, track, etc. Maryland traveling to USC for a swim meet??? Yikes. North Carolina has to be prime target number 1 followed by...
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    CONTEST The Birthday: The 2021 Grandaddy of Em All with Callaway Golf

    Happy Birthday @JasonFinleyCG!!! I hope you have a fantastic day with family, friends, and colleagues. As you know, today's celebration is not about a number (example: 8 & 5 :)), it's about pausing to enjoy time with those around you. Birthdays are good for you. Research shows that the...

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