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    How many dividers in your golf bag?

    14-slot bags drive me crazy. Even though you only took 1 club out and there's only 1 slot open, you can never seem to find it. I love a 7-way bag.
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    I am Freaking Out. Talk me off the cliff.

    It can be just mechanics. If you started swinging with the arms and aren't getting a good wrist hinge and release, you're going to lose a ton of speed.
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    Gift for a New Boatowner

    How about a Powerboat course?
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    Do you use the bump and run?

    I try to keep the ball as close to the ground as possible, so yes. If the situation allows, I'll certainly use a bump-and-run.
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    Tag a THPer

    Heya Dan. Hope all is well!
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    Tag a THPer

    @Hamfist @DucatiGirl
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    Pecans - how do you say it?

    Puh-Cons grow in the south. Southerners know how to pronounce it. Puh-Cons. Just like you never stop for boiled peanuts unless the sign says "Boiled P-Nuts."
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    How often do you play the lottery?

    Powerball and Megamillions. Two quick picks on each, no powerplays. I only play when I think about it, so maybe once a month.
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    Nashville Explosion

    Yeah AT&T has two different facilities on 2nd Ave - at the AT&T building and the former BellSouth Central Office.
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    Best (or your favorite) 3 Man Rock Band?

    Rush. Absolutely. This is my absolute favorite Rush video. They're so relaxed, having so much fun, and as always, so incredibly tight. I don't care if you don't care for Rush, if you can't appreciate the musicianship in this video, there's no hope for you. This has to be one of the best...
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    Something About You

    I am likely the only forum member who holds qualification to drive a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. For those who were tech geeks back in the day. I interned at MacWeek Magazine and still have issues that have my byline in them.
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    USGA/R&A is Bad For Golf: True or False

    I'm likely one of the few people that have actually been around rules people from the USGA & PGA. I can assure you they love the game of golf, love golfers, and want to see it grow. However, they also feel a duty to preserve the great history of the game and its core principles. One of those...
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    Educate Me On Spin?

    A lot of amateurs think super-low spin is what you want with the driver, so they play a low-spin ball and a low-spin model driver. However, I've heard it said by Callaway's fitters that most amateurs likely need more spin, not less. With too little spin, the ball can't climb. The people who...
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    What is Holding You Back?

    Simply a lack of practice and playing is holding me back. I can shoot consistently in the 80's (or low 90's on a bad day), but to get to the next level of being able to get into the 70's with any regularity, it's going to take more focused practice and lots more playing time. Unfortunately...
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    As a beginner, what should I look for in a golf coach?

    Personality and general agreement in philosophy are important. If you're a feel player for example, you might not get along well with a coach that's overly technical, or vice-versa. The challenge I've had with some instructors is they can diagnose my flaws correctly, but they don't always...

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