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  • Hey Austin, Thanks again for setting up the day Sunday at your club. It was tremendously enjoyable playing with you and your dad. I loved those greens they were perfect but hated them because they are so hard right now. Holler when you and your dad get up to North Georgia. Have a great time out at Streamsong. Can't wait to hear about that place. Oh, we didn't go to Fred's this trip. Stopped at Shrimp place that had blackened amberjack. Fred's will be the next trip for sure.
    Playing Reunion next Thursday with Ingolfer and Mward. Gonna set the time for 10am, would you like to play?
    Just saw the rep - thanks man! Glad you got those, seemed like a good deal on 3 almost new wedges and no back order. Enjoy them - I know I sure enjoyed having Tadashi's in my bag for a bit.
    I love seeing a quote from me in your sig. I appreciate it greatly. I also like that you got the humor in that statement.
    Nice. Me too. Just worked for the narcotics team the past year and i'm going to switch back to the patrol team at the end of january.
    yes i think the crimerate is lower. but probably not that much. i just think we have different sortes of crimes. because we almost have no illegal weapons on the streets. it is a nice country. but we also have lot's of problems working as a police officer. people have absolutely no respect from the police here. it's not always that fun here.
    but i also love your country. i love your sports, your landscapes etc. but like we say over here. you always want what you don't have ;)
    are you a member of the IPA?
    Dude part of your dream came true! I'm in the MC 2.0. THANKS FOR DREAMING ME IN BRO! I owe you.
    I've shown a lot of her properties and I know she's done work with my parents Jim and Nancy Ward. Good agent, doesn't skimp on the details!
    No kidding! I'm just glad you're not a black and tan hehe.

    Who are you and who are your parents man?
    Thainer: Always a good read this late at night... 0.3 is pretty impressive, does that include drag putts?

    Wakerider: I think you need an interlock device on your PC like drunks have on their cars... :)

    HAhahahahaha Maybe....
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