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    Tour Event 2019 Presidents Cup

    Everytime I watch him play I never want to use a full follow through again. That sawed off finish is just cool.
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    Tour Event 2019 Presidents Cup

    One of the 10 that didn't choak away a 5 hole lead on the past 24 hours.
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    Tour Event 2019 Presidents Cup

    I can't come up with any reason to have Rickie out there as the final match.
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    Tour Event 2019 Presidents Cup

    I've assumed it came from a fan who had been an ass all day. If not then yes the caddie was an idiot.
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    Tour Event 2019 Presidents Cup

    I love this course so much. I think it might be my favorite course outside the US. It doesn't appear Team USA agrees with me.
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    Tommy Gainey 'Two Gloves' Arrested In Major Prostitution Sting

    Lol as soon as I saw the thread title I thought "I'm sure it was in Polk"
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    The Official 2019 - 2020 NHL and Everything Hockey Thread

    If you tuned into the Lightning Penguins game, you saw a very awesome ceremony Pre game celebrating the medal of honor recipients. I will try to post the video if I find it. Pretty dang cool.
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    How do you like your burger?

    Medium at a good restaurant, medium well somewhere I don't trust.
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    The Happy Thread

    My life got alot better this week!
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    Live Update Thread: 2019 Small Batch Experience with Project X

    Dont think so, I feel like that was on the back?
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    2019-2020 College Football Thread

    He looked absolutely terrified on the side line. No way should Kentucky have been so conservative with a freshman kicker. Florida looks so much better with that head case Franks not leading the offense.
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    The Official 2019 - 2020 NHL and Everything Hockey Thread

    I'm more than happy to see the Leafs out themselves in cap hell, but not when it is screwing with Point negotiations.
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    2019-2020 College Football Thread

    The Big 10 is having a down right awful day. Big 12 is on the opposite end of the spectrum.
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    Greatest basketball player of all time

    It's been discussed before, but the side conversation in thr Tiger thread made me think it's time for the conversation to have its own thread. Who do you have as the greatest BBall player of all time. Some say Jordan, based on his ability to take over the finals. Some same LeBron, based on his...
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    Most influential person in hip hop.

    I recently had this discussion, and was interested in some more input. Who do you think has had the biggest influence on hip hop over time? Could be an emcee, producer, label owner or anyone else attached to the industry. I have a couple in mind but I'll hold my opinion for now.

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