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  • You need a new avy.

    If you make it to Ohio Outing, I have a J40 4h for you. I pulled it from my bag and got another wedge instead.
    I'm hoping for another Carolina MC... I really struggle with flying so the outing in FL is pretty tough.. In any case, I'd love to be out watching/helping/playing in MC3.0 - The efforts of everyone inspired me this year.
    That was a great video in the MC thread man.. The way you talk about the game of golf is awesome. Hopefully we can tee it up sometime in the near future.
    Not sure, I would be up for it so I can experience more than one of their courses but since I'm on vacation with my wife I would have to get the OK from her. I think if I can get her a nice spa day somewhere then she'd definitely go for it! haha
    In case Freddie didn't already tell you, he is going to set up a round at one of the Reunion Resort courses on Thursday the 23rd. He is supposed to let me know a time as soon as he gets it worked out and I will pass it on, just let us know if you can make it!
    Will be in Orlando from the 20th-26th, Freddie and I are gonna get together for a round, any chance you can join us any day that week? We haven't set any specific date, time, or course yet.
    You'd be proud man. Played with Freddie today and hit a s.hitty first putt to about 12ft. Drained the next center cut. Playin to a number ftw!
    Haha I saw it on the Veterans, had to grab a quick pic of it.

    Where'd you wind up playing today? I'm playin tomorrow for the first time all year!
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