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  • Come on out to Ancil then! That's my home course and is always challenging. McKenzie at Haggin is definitely wide open compared to Ancil. Always nice to get a break from the trees though. My brother worked at Mather the last few years as greenskeeper, but we haven't gone back really since he got laid off.
    I've been wanting to play those courses. I keep pondering the CBS card, just haven't pulled the trigger. I'm down in the Carmichael area, play mostly Ancil Hoffman, once in a while Haggin Oaks, and used to play at Mather quite a bit. Might be moving to Roseville in the next month or so.
    Absolutely we should get out and play. This month is going to be a bit hectic for me to get out towards Rocklin, but next month I'll be a bit more free. Where have you been playing?
    Hello uscgmk-

    great avatar image. hope you get time for some Puget Sound golf.
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