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    2013 Morgan Cup - The Ultimate Amateur Golf Event

    Grand chef TripleBogieTim and I just left the market after getting food for tonight's cookout. We are at Villa 4F, across the street from the golf academy. Hope to see you all there. Bring you own drinks. Event starts at 7 and ends at ??????
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    Slice, Slice Baby!!!

    Since I am having some issues with a slice with my driver I got a chuckle from this one...
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    Morgan Cup 2013 Sponsored Equipment Information Directory

    As a service to all those who want to follow along with the Morgan Cup Staffers as they talk about the equipment we will be all soon receiving, the members of Team Dotcom have put together a list of useful Morgan Cup equipment links. Enjoy!!! :cobra: & :Puma: Links Staff Bags...
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    Big thanks to T0AD andCG13

    I had recently put up a post looking for replacement plates for the Taylormade xFTT wedges. Both of these guys msg'd me and I worked out deals with them. Both packages arrived very quickly and now I am definitely set for wedges for many, many years and could not be happier!!! Thanks so much...
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    OObgolf contest winner!!!

    I found out today through a msg from Dtak84 that I won the latest contest from I won a set of Mizuno MP H4 irons. I look forward to checking these out when they arrive and reporting back to the forum. Thank you to those who sent congratulatory msgs today.
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    Thanks mikedean441

    I asked Mike to grab me a yardage book from True Blue when he was down there for the #2 Invitational last month and I just got it today. I really appreciate him doing this and now I have some studying to do for the MC.
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    Golf Boys 2.Oh

    I would of thought this was posted here but I guess not... enjoy!!!
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    Shot advice

    I saw a thread pop up earlier this morning which reminded me I wanted to ask the masses for advice on a particular shot I have had to deal with more than once. The pin is over the crown of the bunker, about 20 feet past. I am too far under the tree to go up and I fear if I go low I run it...
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    How does it all happen?

    As I prepare for the MC, I am pondering trying to come up with the "right match" for club head and shaft for my bag and it has gotten me to ponder how that works on the larger scale with club manufacturers. How does a company like Taylormade, Ping, or Callaway match their new driver heads with a...
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    I got fitted today!!!

    As I prepare for the Morgan Cup, i know I am going to have to provide a list of clubs and shaft I will want to fill my Bridgestone bag. Like many people I know on THP and who enjoy golf in general I am virtually clueless about shafts and flexes and what is right for me. After a nice chat with...
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    RIP Earl Weaver

    Even though he was the opponent, I always liked his style and passion for the game. RIP :sad:
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    Fresh Deck Poker - THP Table??

    I just found this game on Facebook and played a few hands, also loaded it on my iPad for travel times. I noticed quite a few of my friends here on THP at low levels like me and I am not sure if that is cause they just checked the game out and moved on or other reasons so I thought I would put...
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    Yardage Book for True Blue - With Pics!!!

    Thanks to Mikedean441 sending me a yardage book for True Blue I can now be spending my nights thinking about these 18 holes I will be playing in July. Not wanting to keep such fun from my friends here, I created a album here so all can enjoy these pics with me. Here is the link...
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    A thread for SoCal golfers.

    This thread will be used as sort of a bulletin board for THP SoCal golf outings. I will constantly be updating this first post with updates of rounds and who has confirmed attending. If you want to get a round going in your area, msg me and I will post it here and we can get some THPers in your...
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    Andre Johnson drops 20K for kids

    This is a nice story about a pro athlete for a change. Way to go Andre!!!

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