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    Adapter separating

    Usually the ferrule but a couple months ago for me, looked the same as your photo, the shaft snapped at the adapter. Just hit a drive, very well right down the middle. When putting the headcover back on, the head snapped off. Very odd in that the drive was very good and felt fine, the only...
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    Do you putt....scared?

    I do. I'm generally a good putter overall but could be better if I weren't constantly guarding against the bad. Of course on my best days, there's no concern, no fear at all. On my worst, I'm pretty much a mental wreck. Was that way last time out. Missed numerous putts inside 5' and had a 25'...
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    Your Club Choice?

    Standard 8-iron for me. Looks like a fun hole, very large green. Doesn't make an island green much less daunting at all but it does seem to offer a good yardage variance from front to back.
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    The Cleveland Indians have changed their name…

    Cleveland Cavers... so much better. This could've been their logo: [emoji33]
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    I'd Find a Way to Break Your Putter

    I wouldn't take it as highlighting the equipment at all. It's just a roundabout way to say, "you're a darned fine putter of the golf ball." I mean, I've said similar rarely amongst friends and that's exactly what I meant.
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    Developing a fairway finder with driver

    Reliability with driver has largely escaped me this year but it had long been a strength. When I want to hit a low fade, I tee it lower and a bit more forward in my slightly open stance (caveat being that I don't normally play the ball as far forward as most so this set-up probably just puts me...
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    Bubba playing 6,100 yard tees

    I’ve no doubt that a PGA Tour pro would shoot in the 50s at my course. Perhaps giving a glimpse into that very real possibility/probability is that last year, the course record was set by our resident pro golfer, David Germann (7 tournament exemption granted to him on the Canadian Tour). He shot...
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    Which Ping Iron to get?

    I'd absolutely wait for the new models coming out because they're limiting your options right now. Happenstance, not intentionally unfair, but it is still unfair to only choose from what's left. A highly regarded, supremely priced iron that you purchased, failed through no fault of your own...
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    Swing Thoughts

    Swing thoughts are maddening because the reality is, when playing well, they're gone. I'll have pre-swing thoughts but I'll shut off during the swing. But when not playing well, I've no idea if they're the cause or affect. Probably both. Because when I don't think during the actual swing...
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    The best shot of the round

    It was a terrible round. My best shot was, get this, a layup into a par 5 with a 22° hybrid... after dropping to hit 4 following an OB drive. No kidding. But I flushed the snot outta that layup. [emoji1787]
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    What did you shoot today?

    41/36/77. Score could've been much better as I was striking the ball so very well. But I'll take it because I feel like things are finally falling back into place. Absolute pleasure to hit many solid golf shots. [emoji4]
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    Have graphite shafts helped your joint pain?

    Earlier in this thread I commented about Prosoft inserts in steel shafts. Effective, but graphite being better. Well since, I had bought another set with Recoil graphite shafts (Smacwrap, supposedly with additional vibration dampening qualities). Through a couple rounds, I wasn't sold on the...
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    Putter Length

    5' 9" also, probably average arm length wrt height, I dunno. 34" putter is my sweet spot and for probably 20 years now. But I have tried others occasionally. When I play longer, it can get hung up in my shirt due to my stance. Not terribly hunched, but I do tend to keep my hands closer to my...
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    Have you birdied every hole at your course?

    I've probably played my course about 200 times now. I've birdied every hole numerous times, the least of which being #18, maybe only 4 or 5 times there. Eagled all the par 5's too but most have been on 2 of the 4 of them and by a wide margin. Best year was 2018 when I had 13 eagles in total...
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    Personal Best at easier course?

    Variety is the spice of life, I say. Play where you want, when you want and for whatever reason. Golf can still be hard on an "easy" course.

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