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    Hugo Chavez: No Golf for You!

    Chevez is an unbelievable fool, and he makes a fit symbol for all that is wrong with centralized communist governments. He also dislikes golf.
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    Road Bike Cyclists?

    Anyone ride road bikes? I have a decent mountain bike, and used to ride road bikes a long time ago, but haven't for at least a decade. Maybe it was watching the Tour, maybe it is my ever continuing battle against enui, but lately I find myself getting revved up again about road bikes. I was...
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    The Monty vs. Lyle Scottish Brogue-Down

    So I was surprised on one has posted about this, although it is slightly absurd which may explain why no one has bothered to get involved. Anyway, a recent AP article does a good job of putting the players in their appropriate light. There are lots of funny elements to the developing feud...
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    I Hear Some of You May Be Fond of Dogs? Pictorial Review of Quiet Waters Doggy Beach

    A couple weekends ago was one of the first this Summer that wasn't rained out. So we packed up the mutt, no offense Max, and drove the 35 minutes up Hwy 50 to Quiet Waters park. The park sits on an inlet off the Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis, and features a 70 yard stretch of beach devoted...
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    Last One: the recent SI writer's roundtable on Bivens

    Here is the take of some of the golf writers for SI on Bivens, her leadership, her chances for survival, and the situation facing the LPGA. I enjoyed both the Yellow Tail and Corleone references. :D,28136,1908761-0,00.html
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    Article on the USGA's criteria for fielding the Women's US Open

    Interesting read, I thought, at the GolfChannel site: Women's Open field comes under scrutiny By RANDALL MELL Senior Writer,
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    Dropping back shoulder/hitting it fat

    Andy, From time to time I have this problem. Here's what it feels like: During the downswing, I attempt to turn my shoulders and torso around my spine. However, I find myself thrusting my target-side hip down the line, which tilts my shoulders back (i.e., away from the target) and off their...
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    Not Big Fans of Bivens in Rochester

    BP: The Wolf at Our Door Now Tuesday, June 30, 2009 By: Bill Pucko
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    2007 Loring Wine Cellars - Garys' Vineyard

    (Yes, Claire, there are in fact two Garys who own the vineyard used in this wine.) So I've heard that 2007 may have been the best year for Cali pinot since they started making it. I like Loring's stuff, though I usually let it age a while before opening. Well, got an invite to a friend's...
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    Women's U.S. Open Sectional Qualifying Results

    Ha, fooled you. I don't have them, because I can't find them anywhere. If someone knows where they are posted, let me know. The USGA site sucks. That said, Twitter has informed me that the following players either did or did not survive today's 36 holes (and apparently at least a 2 hole...
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    The House of Tseng (and formerly, Sorenstam)

    A video at GolfWeek in which Yani Tseng gives a tour of the home she bought recently from Annika at Lake Nona in Florida. Really hard not to like Yani; she's got such a vibrant personality, and just kills the ball. Her caddy looks rather cute, too (see below)...
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    Recent Bivens Interview at Baltimore Sun Site

    I think she comes off reasonably well in this interview, but she really is a bit of a theorist. Not a lot of personality. Hope her gamble pays off:
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    McDonalds LPGA Championship [Spoilers, oh yes, spoilers.]

    {Surprised this thread hasn't been started, so if I missed it, please merge.} So, dip that I am, I had no idea that Havre de Grace is within driving distance to me in Washington, DC. According to Mapquest, the supergirls will be 66.30 miles from my front door. That's about an hour and a half...
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    Robinhood golf balls

    So I found one of these in my bag the other day, meaning I must have picked it up on the course during a recent round: Mine is yellow. But I noticed it because it looked slightly smaller in diameter when held next to a regulation ball, and I gathered that "Robinhood" suggested it's designed...
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    My New EuroCave!

    As I mentioned in another thread, a friend who is a big wino recently got hitched, and as a result had to divest himself of some of his more bulky appliances, including his awesome EuroCave cooler. Nice guy that I am, I turned his loss into my gain and picked it up for a measly $100. (This...

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