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    Grip recommendations???

    I sweat a ton here in Houston. Was very luck to find a local business that makes leather grips with a ton of tack - BestGrips.Com. They've done my grips for the last decade or so and I can't say enough about the durability and the tackiness that is in the grips they make. If you want a ton of...
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    What was the quantum leap in equipment that really changed the game that we know today?

    I think the Pro V1 was a huge game changer, but I would think the availability of data (GC Quad, Strokes Gained, etc...) had as big an impact on the game.
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    Shot Scope V3

    Yes this! And doing it this way you actually see the watch display the right club before your shot.
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    CONTEST Win the Jon Rahm Winning Combo

    The shoes are what grab my attention - love the solid white.
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    Vegas Golf

    Thanks for everything you've built for TGC2019. I've enjoyed playing your courses. Looking forward to this one now.
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    Favorite Polo Shirt?

    Those are exactly my two as well, but the slow play turtle shirt is white (blue was sold out everywhere). These Puma shirts fit well and are really soft.
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    Your Distance Measuring Device?

    Shotscope is my primary method, and Laser when I'm trying to get a more precise distance to the pin.
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    Leather grips.

    Also a best grips user and they are by far my favorite. With the humidity here in Houston the tackiness they provide has been the best. Zack is great to work with.
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    Maxfli 2021 Tour Balls

    I'm also playing the 2019 version, and for me it's been the best ball I've played with in a long time. Hitting driver further, plenty of spin. I hope the 2021 version is just as good or better.
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    Shot Scope V3

    I had the same issues the first time using it. One consistent problem I had was that the watch was not registering the club I was going to hit with fast enough. There were multiple instances where it would register Driver on the tee-box, but when I went to hit my second shot the watch still...
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    Choosing Blind?

    It would be sticking with the type of club that I know I like - which for me is the game improvement / players distance model. Mizuno Hot Metal or Hot Metal Pro for example, or Callaway Apex or Apex DCB. Given the choice (MB, Cavity, Hollow Body) I would go players cavity.
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    Choose Your Mizuno Irons?

    It would be the JPX 921 Hot Metals
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    Build Your 5 Brand Bag

    Driver: Cobra Speedzone 3-Wood: Cobra Speedzone 5-Hybrid: Ping G410 5-AW: Callaway Apex CF 19 Wedges (52,56): Cleveland CBX 2 Putter: Edel E1

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