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    FS: 917 D2 9.5° with Diamana White D+ 70-S

    Looking to move my 917 D2 with stock cover and tool for $300 shipped. Head in mint condition, this club spent more time in the closet than the golf bag. Gamed about a half dozen times. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    FS: Titleist 917 D2 10.5°/Bettinardi Queen Bee 9

    I have a couple items to move as the tinkering never ends. First my former gamer and the driver I would always go back to before committing to my current setup... Titleist 917 D2 9.5° head, Diamana Whiteboard D+ 70 S-Flex Shaft. Head is about 7.5/8-10, shaft is mint. The sole and face show...
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    WTB: Graphite Designs Driver Shaft(s), TM/Titleist Adapter

    Looking to buy or trade for some GD driver shafts with either TaylorMade, Titleist, or even Callaway adapters already installed. Desirable options would be: AD-DI 5/6s/7s BB 5/6/7s MT 5/6/7s I'm open to any other models as well. Looking to spend <$200/shaft ...Or... I have...
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    FS: 2017 TaylorMade M2 Project Head Only, Cheap, Decent Condition, All Black!

    I have a '17 M2 9.5° head that I picked up used as a project club. When I bought this, the white paint on the crown was chipping very badly where the sole and crown meet (as these M heads have been known to do). I thought it might be cool to blast the white off, and do an all black crown. It...
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    FS: TaylorMade 2017 M1 9.5°; Hzrdus Yellow 6.0/63g

    For sale is a TaylorMade m1 9.5° head on a stiff hzrdus black shaft (63g) head and shaft both used.. in good shape. All specs Stock. No hotmelt, etc... Asking 330 shipped. *comes with last year's m1 cover and a wrench. *i have the sliding hi/lo weight that seems to be missing from this...
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    FS/FT: Aldila Rogue Silver 70-S, 110 MSI FWW Shaft

    I keep finding these gems while organizing the golf closet for the season. Today it's an Aldila Rogue Silver 110 MSI 70-S. (Stiff flex). Grip to tip length is 42.5", so I guess if you play driver a little shorter than the obscene standard length of the day, this could be a good driver shaft too...
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    FS: Bettinardi Limited Minovai Rev 3.0

    Trade interest: Byron Morgan/machine/bb0 1 of 100 pieces made, this Limited edition Minovai (smaller than the Inovai) is in verrry mint 9+/10 condition because I never gamed it. I bought it new, thought I'd play it, put the grip I thought I'd love on there and never could click with it. It's...
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    FS/FT: Modded Scotty Cameron Select Newport M1 (2016 Select Series), Black Polymer Fi

    I'm working on a polymer refinish for a member and figured I'd do two heads at a time, so I have a Newport M1 (single bend shafted mallet) up for sale. 35" length I have set of 10 and 20 g sole weights -each pictured in the finish (sandblasted) they are currently in, buyer picks weight set. Sole...
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    FS or Trade: Callaway GBB Epic 9°, Hzrdus s-flex, Winn Dri-Tac grip

    I don't know why I keep doing this to myself but I traded for this after already deciding that it wasn't for me... so I have my second Epic up for sale. Pics below. Please pm with any questions. Club: sold Trade interests include: -Putters: Bettinardi/Cameron/Mills/Byron/LaJossi -older TM 3...
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    FS: Mint 9.5° 2017 M1 460cc Fuji Pro 56-S & Ping G LSTec 10.5° Head

    Hi Fellow THPers, Up for sale is a mint 2017 M1 - stock build at 9.5° with Fuji Xlr8r Pro 56-Stiff shaft, stock TM grip. Comes with headcover, but it's last year's cover. I Great club that I need to part with since I just bought buddys M2 with white tie. Am willing to split head/shaft, if...
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    FS: 2x Driver Shafts; Fuji Pro 62-S/Tour AD-DI 5s

    Hi, I have a couple driver shafts I'd like to sell. First is a Fujikura Pro 62-S, one of the factory options available in the GBB Epic, with the factory Callaway logo'd MCC grip on it, and new Callaway adapter. 45.5" playing length. It was pulled in favor of a different shaft, and I just...
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    FS: Taylormade M2 10.5° Head Only - 6/10 condition and cheap!!

    Hi everyone, I have a TM M2 10.5° head for sale. As pictured there is some minor paint chipping where the face and crown meet at the toe. Playability remains unaffected and it's not visible at address. Other than that, the head is in really great shape... Offering this for a steal to my THP...
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    FS: Used Callaway GBB Epic 9° - Stiff Flex &amp; Used Machine M1A-Adjuster (my former gam

    FS: Used Callaway GBB Epic 9° - Stiff Flex &amp; Used Machine M1A-Adjuster (my former gam Hi gang, I have a couple of misfit children, I mean clubs, up for adoption. Seeking a good father (or mother) who can provide a good home and pay these the attention they deserve. 1. First is a used...
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    Custom Putter Covers

    Hey y'all, Does anyone have a recommendation for a putter cover vendor that can turn out custom designs in batches of 100 units or less per iteration? I have a somewhat clever (at least I think it is) idea for a cover, and I'd like to try to make it a reality for under $1k. Maybe there's even...
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    Let's finish some Machine Putters

    I've recently had the opportunity to purchase some new raw Stock from Dave at Machine/Dogleg Right as a dealer, finish them, and resell. The quality and designs of his work never ceases to amaze me. What does amaze me is how Cameron keeps a death grip on the market when there are guys like...

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