Adding Your Personal Links in Posts & Signatures

Can I add my personal links to my posts and to my signature?

Personal links in posts and signatures are only allowed if you have been approved as a sponsoring member. Sponsorship is available on two levels. For personal links such as for a personal blog, a non-profit business, or some type of personal non-business related website The Hackers Paradise requires that you post a link to on the site you are linking to in a link exchange agreement. The Hackers Paradise reserves the right to remove a users links if the user has been found to be violating the link exchange agreement. For all for-profit business related links we require a paid sponsorship.

For pricing and details please contact us at

All sponsored membership requests will be handled on an individual level and all requests will be subject to approval. The Hackers Paradise reserves the right to decline and/or cancel any sponsored membership or links based on content deamed unsuitable.