1. Nappy

    Should there be more holes like this on tour?

    Not really a fan of holes or courses getting longer.
  2. Nappy

    TravisMathew Rewards Program

    I love TM a little too much. My bank account does not like me for it. I agree on the fit - everything they have just fits well.
  3. Nappy

    Dad Victories

    I spoke too soon. We had another episode last night. Must've jinxed myself by posting in the thread LOL. I'll be trying a spray bottle tonight.
  4. Nappy

    Looking For Testers: Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedges?

    Currently I'm playing Taylor Made Milled Grind Hi Toe in 50/54/60. Having play every version of RTX in the past what gets me excited is the Cleveland name on the wedge. They are above and beyond my favorite wedge company. I'd prefer a 58 or 60 degree, but would honestly love to test...
  5. Nappy

    Dad Victories

    My two year old daughter has been getting up in the middle of the night claiming to see a kitty under her bed and it's scaring her. My wife and I almost 100% convinced she's using this as an excuse to sleep in our bed and that's not something we want her getting used to (I've heard too many...
  6. Nappy

    ANNOUNCEMENT Introducing True Motion Golf

    Very cool. Welcome!
  7. Nappy

    First Look: Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedges

    These look awesome. The wedge area of my bag is always open for changes.
  8. Nappy

    CONTEST The Grandmama: A Full Bag of Callaway Equipment, a Trip and More!

    Good luck everyone! Fingers crossed.
  9. Nappy

    Hello again!

    Welcome back man!
  10. Nappy


    We just refinanced at 2.65% on a 15 year loan. Definitely looking forward to actually paying off more than interest at this point.
  11. Nappy

    ANNOUNCEMENT 2020 THP Fantasy Football

    Nice. Something else to look forward to!
  12. Nappy

    Phil’s pants at Travelers

    Looks ridiculous. Old guy trying to stay hip. Just stay you Phil.
  13. Nappy

    THP’er Help Wanted: Ferrule Dilemma

    I love A. Not a huge fan of B.
  14. Nappy

    Weird Fact About You

    I have one foot that's bigger than the other. Is that weird enough? I always have to buy a size bigger just because my left foot has always been about an inch and half longer than my right. Maybe that's not that uncommon. I had curved feet growing up so I wore casts on my legs for...
  15. Nappy

    Is Golf's Honor System Dead?

    Seems to be. People seem to think they're entitled to do whatever they want these days. Sort of sad.
  16. Nappy

    Heat... And it's effects on your game...

    I'll never get used to heat. I can usually tolerate for a four or five holes, but then it's too much and I either drink too much or just give up. That's why I always go with early early early tee times.
  17. Nappy

    We Moved to the Nashville Area

    One has to wonder, will Gaylord Springs become the new home course of THP?
  18. Nappy

    ANNOUNCEMENT 2020 THP Fantasy Golf - Open For Signups

    The way I've been picking these lately, I should probably just not set a lineup from here on out.
  19. Nappy

    Fox Gives Up US Open Rights

    Really surprised by this - I thought Fox was on the right track. Maybe Joe Buck got tired of it.

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