1. dwchockey13

    WTB- evenflow blue 6.0 callaway tip

    Title says it all, looking to find a project x evenflow blue 6.0 stiff in callaway tip (can re-tip if needed) not looking to spend a ton. Let me know if you have anything. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. dwchockey13

    The Official 2018-2019 NHL and Everything Hockey Thread

    Well, some team won the Cup for the first time ever (congratulations it only took 40+ years). Now it is time to leave those memories in the rearview mirror and look to next season (Thank god!). We just finished up the NHL Awards show, and Free agency starts July 1st. This where we will...
  3. dwchockey13

    Golf March 31st in the Tampa area

    Hey THPer’s.... My birthday is March 29th (a Thursday) I’m trying to get 36 holes in that Saturday, March 31st in the Tampa area somewhere. Trying not to make it ridiculously expensive so that everyone can make at least 18. Anybody from here want to join? I know Jim54 and cobrax51 said he was...
  4. dwchockey13

    FS: W/S Tour V6’s 4-PW stiff flex

    Trying to purchase some new clubs to need to sell these: Wilson staff tour V6’s 4-PW with KBS tour V-110 shafts Played one season Standard loft length lie Asking $450 shipped CONUS OBO Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. dwchockey13

    FS Taylormade UST Mamiya VTS silver tour Spx shaft

    Went with epic driver so no need for this shaft anymore. Ust mamiya vts silver tour spx 44.5” length with Golf pride grips, only played about 8-10 rounds with it. Looking for $80 shipped CONUS OBO This is for shaft only. Not the M2 head as wel I just included it for pictures. Sent from...
  6. dwchockey13

    FS Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2

    Looking to sell this for $200, no real trade interests at this time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. dwchockey13


    The Match of the century will be held on Monday, May 8th, at roughly 8:00. Red wings vs Avalanche (or whoever he is rooting for at the time). DWChockey13 will take on the octopus swinging Scrap Iron. Will this be a repeat of Fight night at the Joe on March 26th, 1997? We will play from the...
  8. dwchockey13


    So I finally am making a WITB for myself, so here it is: My Driver is a callaway XR16Pro 9* lofted to 11*- will be replaced shortly with an epic of 2017 M1 Callaway xhot 4w-will ALSO be replaced by an epic or M1 Wilson Staff V6 4-pw with KBS tour v-110 shafts Cleveland RTX 3.0 52* 56* 60* with...
  9. dwchockey13

    F/S Titleist MB 714 Forged 3-PW

    Looking to sell my irons to fund my purchase of either the srixon 765 or W/S V6... Titliest 714 MB 3-PW used for 4 months (about 26 rounds) I'll get pictures of them up when I either get on my lunch break or get home to take some pictures. Normal wear and tear.. PGA estimated retail value has...
  10. dwchockey13

    new clubs, 716 AP2, Srixon 765, Wilson staff v6, 716 MB, or CF16?

    So I had been using the 714 MB's for awhile now, and have learned how to strike the ball very well with them and my 4 best scores ever have come from them... however I like to tinker and will be getting new irons and have it narrowed down to those, most of my misses are from me hitting the ball...
  11. dwchockey13

    When it comes to your golf clubs, what are the first clubs to get switched out?

    I've been thinking about my clubs lately, it seems I'm always thinking about switching out my irons or driver, and I will probably getting custom fit for new irons and a new driver/FW's with my tax return but yet my Wedges only get swapped when the grooves get bad, and I will never switch out my...
  12. dwchockey13

    Does a hole in one on an indoor simulator count?

    So I was playing a round of golf with a friend yesterday and something crazy happened, I hit a hole in one for the first time ever... but it was on a simulator, so it got me to thinking... if you were playing in a simulator or are in a simulator league... would you count a HIO?
  13. dwchockey13

    Everybody won, so now you win-THP pay it forward

    In honor of keeping the tradition of giving away what the club you won replaced.. which I have to say has been amazing to see by the THP community. I will in turn be giving away my SLDR 3W. I will reserve the 2nd post for picture when I get home tonight of it. Will come with headcover as well...
  14. dwchockey13

    Lucky Pucks 11th annual golf tournamet

    So my friends hockey team is doing a golf tournament at Woodmont Country club in Tamarac Florida on Sunday, October 11th. (near Coral Springs) I wanted to get a 4some together to play in it. Cost is $85/person and includes 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes as well as the traditional longest drive...
  15. dwchockey13

    Golf in Tampa 5/15

    Would anybody in the Tampa area like to tee it up tomorrow? Any time during the day is ok with me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. dwchockey13

    #THPCALLOUT dwchockey13 takes on GRCtampa in the battle of Actsoft supremecy

    GRCtampa got me the interview at actsoft and ultimately we now work together, Time to figure out which THPer reigns supreme in this company. New school vs old school, Details: Where: The Eagles Lake Course When: Saturday, May 21st Time to be announced, probably early in the morning Tees: Whites...
  17. dwchockey13

    Stop the block

    Thanks Freddie for doing this today!!!! I have a problem "blocking out" as beags put it? I'm hitting the driver dead center almost every time, but the ball goes straight about 20 feet and then makes a hard right run into the trees. From what war eagle was saying is I'm not following through with...
  18. dwchockey13

    Golf Saturday Tampa area

    Me, GRCTampa, and another guy from work were thinking about golfing saturday, I know crescent oaks is doing all you can golf after 2:00PM so I was thinking there, any other THPer want to join?
  19. dwchockey13

    Unofficial NHL playoff bracket challange

    I was supposed to do this a week ago and forgot, ooops, but here it is http://bracketchallenge.nhl.com/#/league/126717 The password is THP Please use your forum name for this so we can keep track/ know who to make fun of Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. dwchockey13

    WTT yellow towel for black or red

    I've got a yellow THP towel that I've used a few rounds but still very clean (just washed) but doesn't match my bag (yes, feel free to make fun of me for that) looking to trade for a black red or white towel if anyone has one Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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