1. Trmpt98

    Would you have counted it?

    So with Covid going my league course has the lifting contraptions in the cups. The guy I was playing had a 4' ish putt for par to tie me for the hole, he hit it a bit hard and it hit the metal rod portion of the contraption and bounced out to about 4". Walking off he said he got a par, I said...
  2. Trmpt98

    Have you ever weighed your bag?

    So I’m home from work today and playing with all my golf gear. I hailed on bag up from the basement to put in my van for tomorrow’s round and said, this feels heavy. So I put it on the scale....... 30.6 lbs! now I don’t feel I have a lot in there this year (I switched to a stand bag because...
  3. Trmpt98

    Your Most memorable Golf Trip?

    Story time folks, let's hear them! I'm sitting here drinking my coffee this morning and reminiscing about my golf trip to Bridgestone exactly a year ago. Previously my golf trips consisted of traveling 1-2 hours away and playing golf for a weekend at some municipal courses where they lived. I...
  4. Trmpt98

    Re-Gripping Question - Tape Width

    I've always used the standard 2" wide tape that you get at golf works. I've always noticed when I re-grip clubs you get some slight overlap of the tape. My question is, "Will this affect anything with the Golf Pride Align Grips?" I know when installed the rubber align will rise slightly. God...
  5. Trmpt98

    How many ClicGear accessories do you own?

    With walking only here in IL I was looking at my clicgear bag and realized I have a lot of the ClicGear accessories and looking at purchasing more with a new bag this season. What do you own? I have as follows: Clic Gear 3.0 cart Tour Bag kit ClicGear brish Click gear cup holder both regular...
  6. Trmpt98

    For Trade FT/WTB Clic gear bag base

    A few years ago I upgraded to the clic gear tour bag kit. Now I have a stand bag it doesn’t fit well on the base so I’m looking to trade my Tour bag base for an original clic gear base. Anyone willing to trade or have one I can purchase? This is what I have for trade.
  7. Trmpt98

    For Sale Bridgestone XW-1 52 deg Wedge head with shaft option.

    Up for sale is a brand new Bridgestone XW-1 52 degree wedge, head only. Never hit, I should have ordered different gapping. I’m keep the shaft so this is head only. $50 includes shipping via USPS. I have a shaft I’ll include for an extra $15 if you want it. It’s a True Temper DG 115 S200.
  8. Trmpt98

    Do you own a Shaft Puller?

    I think I'm finally getting to the point where I want to get a shaft puller. Unfortunately they vary greatly in price. I would love to be able to afford one that's $550 but that isn't a reality. Do you have a value option that you would recommend. I don't need anything crazy but just want it...
  9. Trmpt98

    WTB Project X HZRDUS Black HC 62g stiff shaft

    Looking for a Project X HZRDUS Black Handcrafted stiff 62g driver shaft. Would prefer Cobra adapter or no adapter.
  10. Trmpt98

    Scorecard Holder / Yardage Book - Lets see em!

    I have a pretty basic green yardage book that I use. What do you have? Is it custom? Where did you get it? I’m looking to get a custom one made as I walk a lot and like having it in my back pocket. Show off your yardage book holder! Here is my current cheap one.
  11. Trmpt98

    How did you get your kids involved?

    I have a daughter who’s 9 and has showed more and more interest in wanting to try golf with me, but I realized I don’t have anything for a kid golfer. Should I just pick up a set of kids clubs at the golf store? What did you do to help your kid get started with the game? I started after...
  12. Trmpt98

    Walking Coolers

    I walk alot of golf and use a clic gear push cart. I'm looking for what other walkers use to carry their beverages. I know clic gear offers a cooler but not sure I want to drop $40+ on one of theirs. I hate the taller coolers that courses provide and there isn't a good way to attach it to my...
  13. Trmpt98

    Do you play different lengths than standard?

    I was looking at my clubs today (since we have snow and I can't do anything else) and started comparing them to other sets I have at home. I noticed that my irons are all the 0.5" long but when measuring I noticed my 3 wood always plays 0.5" longer than my old 3 wood (43.5" instead of the...
  14. Trmpt98

    Are you bothered by a large ball mark?

    With people posting pictures of their ball marks and size it got me thinking about them. I'm not bothered by a large ball mark, I typically use one that's large. If a playing partner is distracted by it I will switch it out to a smaller one at their request but it's not something that bothers...
  15. Trmpt98

    Golf Outing Ideas

    So this year my buddy is taking over a golf outing that we've been playing in for almost 20 years (the reason I even picked up clubs was to play at this outing). We call it the Farmer's Open because most of the guys play golf once a year for this scholarship raising event. So my question to...
  16. Trmpt98

    Show me your Golf Work Space

    Just like it says, do you have a golf workspace? If so post up a picture! I’m on my way to Menards to get some more shelving and once I get it organized I’ll post up a picture. I just have a homemade wood work bench that has my club buildings stuff on it. Just beware, I might steal some of...
  17. Trmpt98

    Apple Car Play

    I have a 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan I'm looking to put an Apple Car Play into. After seeing how well these things work on my Bridgestone trip (thanks JB) I think I need to upgrade the awful uconnect I have currently. Does anyone have an aftermarket Apple Car Play radio they've had installed or...
  18. Trmpt98

    FS: Srixon F85 3W with UST ATTAS 7S Shaft

    Up for sale is a Srixon F85 3 wood with UST ATTAS 7S Shaft and midsize Winn dritac grip $250 shipped. PayPal friends & family, US only. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Trmpt98

    Bridgestone Ball Fitting Video

    Received an email from Bridgestone about a video analysis ball fitting. Figured I would share so others could give it a shot.
  20. Trmpt98

    FS: Wilson C200 4-GW KBS Tour 90 Stiff

    Up for sale are my Wilson C200’s 4-GW with KBS tour 90 stiff flex, 1” long with midsize Winn Grips. Used these for two seasons mainly playing 9 holes in league play. Wouldn’t be selling but have a great set of Bridgestone HF2 that I’ll be gaming. I’m asking $250 (shipping included for AC...

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