1. Lions81

    Do You Enjoy Playing Very Hard Courses / Setups?

    So a bit of background. Yesterday I played the course that will be hosting the PGA event in 2 weeks here in Detroit. Last year the scores were very low, and apparently the Tour told them it needs to play much more difficult. So in response they have grown the rough like crazy especially...
  2. Lions81

    Who Influences Golf Purchases The Most?

    So its now 2020, and a lot of things have changed in the golf industry over the last 10 or so years. My question is, who do you think influences golf purchases the most? Would it be tour usage? Would it be the OEM's through advertising, social media etc? Would it be Youtube reviewers who...
  3. Lions81

    2020 Golf Trips

    I always enjoy hearing about golf trips other THP'ers are planning and taking, as well as reading about bucket list course reviews and seeing pictures. So let's hear it. Have any trips lined up already for this year? Or still in the planning stages? Any bucket list trips in the works?
  4. Lions81

    Swing Changes - Do You Embrace & Enjoy Them?

    Let's say you go to a good instructor for a bit of a "tune up", but instead he recommends some pretty major changes to your swing. You know they will likely help you improve long-term, but the reality is you will probably get worse before you get better. Do you commit 100% to making them...
  5. Lions81

    Pick Your Shot Under Pressure Part II

    Did a similar thread last year and it sparked a good amount of conversation. So let's do round 2. Here's the scenario. You have a chance to win $1M, but you can only pick 1 of the 3 shots and have to pull it off. Which one do you pick and why? Option 1: Driver in the fairway. You must take...
  6. Lions81

    Your Game: Today Vs 10 Years Ago

    The 10 Year Bag Challenge got me thinking back to my game 10 years ago and how it has changed both for better and worse. So the question is, how is your game today vs how it was 10 years ago? Overall is it better or worse? What parts of your game have improved, and what have regressed? Any...
  7. Lions81

    2019 Golf Trips

    Always fun to hear what golf trips other THP'ers are taking. So where are you heading or hoping to go in 2019? So far I have a trip to Arizona in February to play with good friends of mine from college who I haven't seen in far too long. Playing both Troons, Quintero and a few others...
  8. Lions81

    Longer Driver Shaft - 48 Inches

    Those of us that have been in the Shaft Up events have seen that Danny plays a 47 inch driver shaft. 48 is the longest legal length allowed. He says it adds distance for him and he can still hit the center of the face. Now he is obviously an extremely good player, and hitting the center of the...
  9. Lions81

    Does Grass Type Effect Your Game?

    Bermuda, Bent, Poa, Fescue. All types of grass found on courses in different parts of the country. Do you find that you play better on one compared to the other? Any that you are really bad on compared to your usual game? Or does it not really effect you at all? Personally I sometimes...
  10. Lions81

    2019 Safeway Open

    Didn't see a thread for this one yet. Hard to believe the "off-season" lasted for about 4 days, but here we are at the start of the 2019 Season. Brendan Steele back to defend his title. Fun to watch a lot of the young guys who just got their tour cards in this one. Sungjae Im started off...
  11. Lions81

    Favorite Tournament You Watched Last Year

    So the 2017/2018 season ended with the Tour Championship & Ryder Cup. There were some great tournaments and finishes. What was your favorite one you watched? A few highlights to help jog your memory.... Reed winning his first major at Augusta with Spieth and Rickie charging US Open at...
  12. Lions81

    2018 Player of the Year

    Right now we have 3 players who each have 3 wins, DJ, JT, and Bubba. Molinari has 2 wins, 1 being a Major. Obviously the PGA Champ next week and Fedex Cup could change things, but right now, who is your pick? DJ: Tournament of Champions, Fedex St Jude, RBC Canadian JT: CJ Cup, Honda...
  13. Lions81

    Bellerive Rd 2 Contest for Lions81

    Very easy one today. What I will shoot today at Bellerive? New custom fit driver in play, have seen the course once now, but supposed to be very windy. Since no one won contest number 1 yesterday, 2 people will win today and I'll pick out a few items from the Bellerive Pro Shop. A/C Members...
  14. Lions81

    Shaft Up With UST: Guess My Shaft

    Will be getting fit by master UST fitter Danny Le at Bellerive today for a new Cobra F8 driver. Contest is easy: Guess what shaft Danny will fit me into, model only (no weight or flex required), but be specific ie V2 or V2 HL, or Attas Punch or Coool etc. Winner will get a few cool items...
  15. Lions81

    Your Swing Changes/Improvements for 2018

    What specific changes or improvements are you going to make to your swing this year? Are they flaws that you noticed yourself or ones that a pro or someone else has pointed out to you? How are you planning on doing it?
  16. Lions81

    Pick Your Shot Under Pressure

    Let's say you have to do one of the following to win an amazing prize or contest. Which do you pick and why? Are you feeling confident you are going to pull the shot off and win? Option 1: Shot from 100 yards to 15 feet or better Option 2: Shot from 150 yards to 30 feet or better Option 3...
  17. Lions81

    2018 - Who Gets Their 1st Major?

    The last few years have given us a bunch of first time major winners. Last year had 3 in Sergio, Brooks, and JT. Do we get another first time major winner this year? If so who?
  18. Lions81

    Aggressive or Conservative - Your Style of Play

    Are you generally an aggressive player or are you more of a conservative player? You can only pick one. Which best describes your style of game? A few things to think about in your answer. Are you generally trying to fire at pins regardless of where they are? Are you trying to cut corners...
  19. Lions81

    Best Shot You Hit This Year

    For a lot of us in colder climates, the golf season is just about over. We all like to remember our best shots and forget the bad ones, So let's hear about the best shot or 2 you hit this year.
  20. Lions81

    Your Golf Game Today Vs 5 Years Ago

    What is the state of your game now vs what it was 5 years ago? Has your handicap improved, stayed the same, or gotten worse? What areas of your game have improved? What have gotten worse? Do you take golf more seriously now or back then? Those are just a few ideas.

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