1. Iceman!

    Test Driver for 2020 Bridgestone TOUR B JGR DRIVER (Japan) with SP-COR

    So I picked up a Bridgestone TourB JGR Driver from Japan yesterday to put in to play in 2020. This is a newer version of the current JGR that has been released in the US. It has what Bridgestone calls SP-COR So there is a bolt with nylon behind the face to keep the face rigid enough to...
  2. Iceman!

    Does an equipment change result a Golf Ball Change?

    So I’ve used my Apex CF19 irons for exactly 3 roundd I’ve used the 2020 RX for 2 of those rounds and liked my results. Today I played Z-Star and my iron play was not up the last two rounds. Now I know everyone has a bad day however it makes me wonder if I’ll be able to play the same ball...
  3. Iceman!

    Recommend a GPS Watch

    I have a friend that wants to get a GPS Watch for his birthday. I use ShotScope, so I don’t have any experience with GPS watches. Any recommendations?
  4. Iceman!

    Grooveit Golf Brush

    Saw this on IG: Cost is $19.95 Grooveit "The Wet Club Scrub" is an innovative golf club cleaning tool designed to be self-contained, portable and extremely efficient. It bolsters a patented pumping system delivering water, or any household cleaning solution directly into the brush head...
  5. Iceman!

    E85 Gas - Does anyone use it? Is it worth it?

    Finally picked up a car that can use E85 gas and I have a station that just opened up near me that sells it. I see it's a couple of pennies cheaper that 87. I was always under the understanding that it's not worth it because you lose out on gas mileage. Does anyone use it and if so, what is...
  6. Iceman!

    Nice Touch by Kentwool

    Posted a photo of my Stars and Stripes Kentwool Socks on Independence Day and they sent me this note and “A Little something for the effort”
  7. Iceman!

    LOB Wedge Addiction - I’m guilty of it.

    Here is some stats from SC@ShotScope Blog that I find fascinating and truthful: This so me. I now realize the I need to use different clubs to get around the course. This is also the reason I took my 2019 PM Grind out of my bag. I felt obligated to use it, even places I should not.
  8. Iceman!

    Think you'd game a Epic Flash Mini-Driver with Jailbreak and AI Face Technology?

    Just another "Fodder" Thread. (I have no information beyond my Ponder) If I have to be honest with myself, I'd probably be better off with a Driver, Mini and a Heavenwood at the top of my bag. With Taylormade's Re-Introduction of the Mini Driver, I thought to myself, how cool would it be if...
  9. Iceman!

    Is Tiger bigger to Bridgestone or TaylorMade?

    Just a thread for fodder. I think Tiger is more important to Bridgestone than he is to TaylorMade.
  10. Iceman!

    2019 Golf League

    know a bunch of THPers are in Golf Leagues and I thought I would start a thread for the 2019 season since we had one in 2018. My League started yesterday and runs until the end of August. It's a 4:30pm 4 -mam 9 hole league with 12 teams. I'm playing in the "D" Bracket (demoted from the C...
  11. Iceman!

    WTB - Regular Flex Driver Shaft 60ish Gram with Callaway optifit

    Just as post states, looking for a Regular Flex Driver Shaft in the 60ish Gram weight with Callaway optifit already attached - Looking to play in Epic Flash.
  12. Iceman!

    “Power Spec” Irons - What Analytics so you use to evaluate other Irons?

    So for the last 3 years I’ve been playing “Power Spec” or “Strong” Lofted Irons ( Bridgestone JGR Hybrid Irons and Rogue X) and I’ve built my bag around them. Just for giggles I’ve been looking at other irons that are almost a club difference in loft and by testing the same difference in...
  13. Iceman!

    Would you adjust the Lie Angle?

    Took some swings with my JPX919HM irons today on a lie board and tape at the bottom. Would you adjust the Lie Angles at all?
  14. Iceman!

    FS:Tour Edge Exotics XJ1 9° Driver w/HD

    For Sale $100 OBO shipped: Tour Edge Exotics XJ1 9° Driver with AirSpeeder SX Flex Shaft. Hit only 20 times indoors. 45” length with new Lamkin Sonar Grip Adding photo of fixed hosel:
  15. Iceman!

    Callaway Golf to acquire European active wear brand for $476 million

    Callaway Golf announced on Friday that it has acquired Jack Wolfskin, a European-based active wear brand, for €418 million, or approximately $476 million. Jack Wolfskin specializes in outdoor apparel, footwear and equipment, boasting net sales of $380 million in the fiscal year that ended in...
  16. Iceman!

    Shout out to TGW!

    After buying a pair of Adidas climaproof BOA Golf Shoes on Black Friday from Budget Golf and having my money return because they were out of stock, I found them in stock and 20% off on the TGW site. They shipped yesterday and then today TGW had a 25% sale on Adidas footwear. Contacted CS this...
  17. Iceman!

    FS: Honma BeZEAL 22° Hybrid

    Selling my used Homna BeZEAL 22° Hybrid with a Stiff Shaft. It’s Made in their Japan Plant. It’s a blast to have in the bag however I’ve got my Rogues settled down. Check out the reviews on THP on it. Let’s do $75 OBO shipped.
  18. Iceman!

    Rome, Italy - Has anyone spend anytime there?

    Are next cruise will have us spending a couple of days before our cruise in Rome. Been struggling with were to stay and what to see, so I wanted to reach out to see if any THPers could give me some advice.
  19. Iceman!

    Callaway "Players/GI" Hollow Body Irons in 2019?

    So after watching some YouTube reviews last night on the i500,i700 and P790's, I realized that Callaway doesn't have a "Players/Game Improvement" Hollow Body Iron in their line up and are the only "Major" without one - If I'm wrong, someone please correct me. If I'm right, think the Grandaddy...

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