1. Trmpt98

    Would you have counted it?

    Here’s what I found but it’s related to Phase 3 and a most likely score debate which can still be a bit subjective. 3. My ball went into the hole, but due to the foam insert, it bounced out. How do I record my score for handicap purposes? Although your ball has not been holed and you have yet...
  2. Trmpt98

    Would you have counted it?

    that’s not what I’ve been reading. This is a quota fromGolf Monthly. I’d be curious to see in the USGA where it says if it goes into the hole and pops out it’s still considered holed. The only think I have seen is if it’s a raised up it just has to hit it but again they won’t used raised cups...
  3. Trmpt98

    ANNOUNCEMENT Congrats: You are Headed to the Grandmama

  4. Trmpt98

    Would you have counted it?

    I thought this was interesting for competitive play... The R&A and USGA say that the ball must come to rest with some of it below the surface. Which coincides with the ruling we are playing by, which was tough luck for him.
  5. Trmpt98

    We Moved to the Nashville Area

    Congrats on the move and that’s ALOT of golf shoes!!!
  6. Trmpt98

    Fewest putts in 18 holes

    My best is 27 but looks like I average 33-36
  7. Trmpt98

    Would you have counted it?

    My stance is he needs to play by the same rules that he would hold others accountable to. The speed is an opinion, we don't really know what would happen. He could say it would have dropped where I think the speed wouldn't have made it drop. We work together and I get along with him quite...
  8. Trmpt98

    Would you have counted it?

    This guy always plays in league "it's not good til it's in the bottom of the cup" and he won't give a putt, period. Most guys I would leave it up to their discretion, if they felt it dropped then fine. The league officials and many in the group who offered their opinion said it wasn't in the...
  9. Trmpt98

    Would you have counted it?

    No, the black part sits at the bottom of the cup and you use a hook to lift it out.
  10. Trmpt98

    Would you have counted it?

    That's the way I respond, lol. I tend to give him back some of his own medicine and he really hates it. There is enough room for the ball to hit the metal rod and drop into the hole but your speed has to be right, just like leaving the flag stick in. This putt had enough speed it could have...
  11. Trmpt98

    Would you have counted it?

    It was not resting like the picture, that is a stock photo I grabbed. The ball hit the metal rod, did not drop into the hole and rolled to about 4" away from the cup.
  12. Trmpt98

    Would you have counted it?

    So with Covid going my league course has the lifting contraptions in the cups. The guy I was playing had a 4' ish putt for par to tie me for the hole, he hit it a bit hard and it hit the metal rod portion of the contraption and bounced out to about 4". Walking off he said he got a par, I said...
  13. Trmpt98

    First Look: Cobra KING Utility Iron

    This is a sweet looking club. I'm really considering replacing my higher hybrid for one of these. Need something that would be a good fairway finder on those shorter/tighter par 4's.
  14. Trmpt98

    Play This Hole!

    Man that's an intimidating hole. The smart play for me would be 5 iron and then probably 8 or 9 iron into the green. I'm not smart alot of the time though so I would pull driver and hope I didn't over fade the shot and then hit a wedge into the green.
  15. Trmpt98

    Golf Stores In Your Area?

    Within 30 mins? Not a single golf store. The closest one is 40 mins and that a Dicks Sporting Goods that carries limited stock. 45 mins away there is a PGA SS and now a Golf Galaxy across the street from them.
  16. Trmpt98

    Angry on the Course?

    Angry? A year and a half ago I got angry with slow play. The group in league that was in league in front of us was apparently playing a pro event that week and took over 3 hrs to play 9 holes. I actually confront them after the 7th hole and called them out on it. No one was in front of them...
  17. Trmpt98

    Have you ever weighed your bag?

    i use a ClicGear push cart lol
  18. Trmpt98

    Have you ever weighed your bag?

    I feel like @B81Smith needs to “weigh” In here with his bag setup!
  19. Trmpt98

    Have you ever weighed your bag?

    So I’m home from work today and playing with all my golf gear. I hailed on bag up from the basement to put in my van for tomorrow’s round and said, this feels heavy. So I put it on the scale....... 30.6 lbs! now I don’t feel I have a lot in there this year (I switched to a stand bag because...

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