1. zbeekner4

    Can you adjust loft on a double bend putter neck?

    So I just scored this beautiful new Toulon Las Vegas from CPO but need to make a few adjustments. One is the grip - no big deal there. But the second is I prefer less loft. I’ve been told before that you can’t necessarily deloft a double bend putter head....is it possible? Can I have my local...
  2. zbeekner4

    Play This Hole with Me!

    So I wanted to have some fun and walk through how I played this par-4 using my Callaway golf clubs courtesy of THP and the Grandaddy. (There’s not much strategy in this one but it was fun anyways) Let me know how you guys would play it! Here’s the hole: 358 yard par-4. Plays uphill off the tee...
  3. zbeekner4

    Zbeekner4’s WITB

    First off, Thanks to Callaway and THP for making the Grandaddy 2019 so special. Now that I’ve got everything setup for my bag for 2020, I wanted share what I’ll be putting into play this year. Driver: Callaway Mavrik Sub-Zero 9 degree (Graphite Design AD IZ - 6 Flex X) with NDMC Midsize grip...
  4. zbeekner4

    FS: Srixon Z-765 Heads Only 4-Pw)

    Up for sale is a used set of iron heads only. Srixon Z-765s. (4-PW) $210 includes shipping.
  5. zbeekner4

    Does your mood change at home/work after you play golf?

    So I got to play some indoor golf on a trackman today and I came home, cleaned the house, vacuumed, made dinner and cleaned the dishes. My wife even made a comment about how good of a mood I was in. Not sure if that just means I’m always a grump ? Anyways, I started thinking that my mood is...
  6. zbeekner4

    Official 2020 MLB Thread

    Couldn’t find a thread for 2020 MLB so here it is! What a crazy ending to 2019, but today marks a new year where everyone is 0-0!
  7. zbeekner4

    Callaway Fusion 14 Stand Bag

    This years Grandaddy participants all received a new Callaway Fusion 14 Stand Bag and boy are these things nice! Tons of pockets and storage, 14 dividers that go all the way to the bottom, alignment sticks pouch, felt lined pocket, a place specially designed for a speaker and my personal...
  8. zbeekner4

    Graphite Design Tour AD IZ-6 Shafts

    I recently was fit into the GD Tour AD IZ-6 shafts for my driver, 3wood and hybrid while at the grandaddy. Other than being an esthetically pleasing shaft, it feels balanced and stable through every strike. I instantly fell in love with the shaft profile and had no issues adjusting quickly to...
  9. zbeekner4

    Top 5 favorite actors?

    Top 5 for me are: DiCaprio Denzel Ryan Gosling Matt Damon Mathew Mcconaughey What are yours? (No wrong answers here!)
  10. zbeekner4

    Which driver are you selecting? standard, draw, or pro?

    Thinking about driver offerings from major OEMs and possible combinations that could be released from Callaway in December, which one do you play or which club do you lean towards for your game? For me, I’m a fade bias player but I usually want to avoid “draw” cause it ends up just closing the...
  11. zbeekner4

    Playable vs. Easy?

    So I recently played course that I struggled with a lot. There was heavy native grasses everywhere and I lost 5 balls in one round but still managed an 85. The course was otherwise a great layout and a lot of fun. But after speaking with some buddies about it, we discussed that cutting down the...
  12. zbeekner4

    Should more OEMs offer custom tour balls? (Titleist's new "Left-dash" Prov1X)

    Should more OEMs offer custom tour balls? (Titleist's new "Left-dash" Prov1X) Seems like Titleist has been producing a "special" tour only Prov1x for a while and is now going to offer it as a custom order golf ball to the masses. It says the Prov1x is high launch and high spin while the "left...
  13. zbeekner4

    FS: (Hideaway Pro Shop Fund) Apparel, Hats, Bettinardi LE Putter Cover

    Help me raise some money to fund the shopping spree thatÂ’s going to happen in just a few short months. Shipping is free with 2 or more items. $5 shipping for single items. FJ Medium Polo: $15 Callaway Large 1/4 Zip: $old Puma medium Polos: $OLD Oakley Medium Polos: $OLD Masters Tech...
  14. zbeekner4

    Which handicaps pair up the best in competition? Why?

    So thinking about the Grandaddy in a few months and we want to know which handicaps pair up the best in team competitions and why? We have a team made up of single digit cappers all the way up to 20 so I want to hear what you guys would do if you were captain! Or maybe you wouldn’t use...
  15. zbeekner4

    What speaks to you?

    I want to know what impacts you and makes you want to get involved? I know here at THP, St. Jude is a big part of this community and is an incredible charity that we all get to be a part of as members. For me, it’s blood cancers. My grandfather died of lymphoma in 1998. My dad was...
  16. zbeekner4

    Does shoe style effect performance on the course?

    I’ve always had this thought in my head that my shoe is (partially) responsible for good or bad days on the course. A couple of bad rounds with one shoe makes me not want to wear them anymore. And if I play a few great rounds in a shoe, they’re the only pair I’ll wear for a while. I’ve also...
  17. zbeekner4

    ZBeekner4’s Journey to the 2019 Grandaddy

    Welcome!! Welcome to the official update thread in my journey to the 2019 Grandaddy! I’m incredibly lucky to be a part of this team and I want to take the opportunity to bring all of you guys along the ride with me! It’s still hard to comprehend and fully grasp that I’m going to be a part of an...
  18. zbeekner4

    FS: Bettinardi Queen Bee & TEE CBX 3W

    Up for sale are 2 items: Bettinardi Queen Bee #6 $OLD Tour Edge Exotics CBX 119 13.5* 3Wood Project X Even Flow Blue 75g 6.5 X flex Standard Tour velvet grip $205 shipped Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. zbeekner4

    Long Drive Contest: Debate

    Alright so I played in a charity golf scramble yesterday and I want to hear others opinions on the long drive subject matter. Who cares what the prize is, we all want to win the long drive contest. Myself included. I absolutely pelted my drive on the long drive hole yesterday and drive up to...
  20. zbeekner4

    THP Forum Testing: M5/M6 Irons

    These showed up today and didn’t see a thread started yet. (Feel free to re-title or move this if need be) Just unpacked everything and wanted to throw up some initial pictures. M5: M6: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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