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    Is it really drive for show putt for dough

    I saw this article https://www.golfdigest.com/story/10-remarkable-pga-tour-2019-20-season-stats-from-a-strange-year?utm_medium=email&utm_source=091020&utm_campaign=hitlist about stats from the tour. The tour leader in strokes gained putting was Denny McCarthy who has won it multiple times and...
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    For Trade WTT/WTT Odyssey Stroke Lab 7 for Odyssey Stroke Lab Marxman

    I have a 34” SL 7 the face balanced version that I would like to trade for a Marxman preferably a 35” version. The 7 hasn’t kicked my starting putter out of the bag and I rolled some putts with a Marxman and really liked it. My 7 has a Superstroke Claw grip on it with a 75g weight in it. I do...
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    How many rounds have you played this year

    I live in the Northeast and the season only has a couple of months left. I have played 43 rounds this year which is at least twice as many as I have played in the past 15 years. I expect I will get to somewhere between 55 and 60 rounds before Thanksgiving when everything pretty much shuts...
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    Anyone play the Titleist U510?

    I was shopping for fairway woods last night (I wound up with a Sim Max 5w) and also have a bit of a hole between my 5i and 5W. There happened to be a Titleist U510 sitting there and I hit 10-15 balls with it and got very good results. I was hitting it solid, pretty high and it didn't seem to...
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    WTT - Looking for a 7 wood preferably stiff shaft

    I have always struggled with hybrids and am looking to try a 7w to fill a gap in my bag. I have a couple of hybrids as trade options a Hogan VKTR+ 22* with the F4 Recoil shaft in it and a TM M6 22* with a PF V2 in stiff flex which is the F4 flex. The Hogan is like new and the TM is in very...
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    WTB Sim 9* Head

    Looking for a friend a standard Sim 9* head. Prefer head only but he would probably be open to a head and a stiff shaft of some sort if the deal was right. I am the middle man on this but will vouch for the person on the transaction if one comes together.
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    Issues with new Apex w/ Nippon 850 vs Steelfibers i95s

    I recently got fitted at a Cool Clubs franchise and purchased a Set of Callaway Apexes with Nippon 850 in stiff flex. Interestingly enough I did a free fitting at TrueSpec last fall and got fitted into the same shaft. During the fitting I hit the clubs great picked up some yardage which I was...
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    Phil's putting stroke

    What is up with Phil's putting stroke? If you haven't seen it yet he completely stops on the backstroke and pauses before coming forward again. He must have been struggling and this is trying to address it. I can't imagine it will last there is no flow to it.
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    My 4 hybrid and 5i go the same distance

    I recently got new irons and was fortunate enough to win second place in last quarters post drive and got a new 4 hybrid. For comparison my 5i is a Callaway Apex which is 38.25" long and 23.5* of loft with a Nippon 850GH shaft in stiff. The hybrid is a Ben Hogan VKTR+which is 39.25" long and...
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    The value of buying from the fitting studio

    I recently got fitted at a Cool Clubs franchise and ordered a set of irons through them and had them custom built. I figure I paid a premium of about $400 over what I could have ordered them from Callaway for. I enjoyed the fitting process and could afford the cost of the irons. I like giving...
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    Any experience with Ouullite bag

    In my continuing search for a back up to my 10 year old Sun Mountain Swift bag I saw the Ouul Lite bag. At 2.4 pounds with small profile it fits the criteria I would be looking for. I have never seen one of their bags though and am a little gun shy about buying one unseen. Any feedback would...
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    My Cool Clubs built Apex 19s arrived

    I got the email this morning saying my irons were out for delivery. I have been refreshing the follow my delivery website on UPS all morning. When the truck went past my house my heart dropped until I saw the driver get out with a long box and walk back toward my house. In case you didn’t...
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    Hogan VKTR+ Hybrid (thanks Q2 Post Drive contest)

    I had been gone for a couple of days and when I returned one of my favorite things was there a long think box which indicates a new golf club. When my wife asked what I had bought I have to admit I couldn't remember (which she thinks is a problem). Upon opening I discovered a beautiful VKTR+ 4...
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    Cool Clubs Boston Fitting report

    I had an iron fitting today plus a bit of testing some shafts in my Maverik. I'll try to give a summary but if you want the cliff notes I am going to order 5-PW of Callaway Apex w/Nippon NS Pro 850 shafts. Fitting was done using a Trackman. First a bit about me (this was in an earlier...
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    What irons should I make sure I check out in my fitting next week

    I have a fitting scheduled next Wednesday at Cool Clubs Boston. The fitting is going to be focused on irons and hybrids although we agreed I would make some driver swings to check out a couple of different shafts I have for my Mavrik. My background is that I am currently a 3 index give or take...
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    Callaway X20 Uniflex shaft

    My son had a shaft break in his Callaway X20s. Does anyone know what is closest to the Uniflex shaft. I would rather just replace his 7 iron shaft with something close right now. I will probably get him new irons next year but would like to get him through this summer as his game improves.
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    Can the lie angle on a M6 hybrid be flattened

    I tend to find hybrids to be a little upright. I have a M6 hybrid and would like to have a bit flatter lie. Can the M6 be bent a bit?
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    Which stock Maverik shaft is closest to GD AD DI 5S

    I am thinking about picking up a Maverik. I am probably going to try my GD AD DI 5S in it but I would like to get a shaft that I might like with the club. The options seem to be the PX Riptide and the Rogue White. I am probably thinking the 60-65g shaft in either of them. Of course hitting...
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    For Sale Sold XCaliber Pro 85 Stiff shaft experiment on Srixon 545 heads

    I have decided to stick with my Ping i200s. Rather than have these collect dust in a closet I wanted to give someone else the opportunity to experience them and hopefully recoup some of my costs. Many may be aware that the shafts were free but I paid a clubmaker to install the shafts including...
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    40% Off Flash Sale at Callaway Pre Owned

    There is a 40% off sale at CPO on putters. This includes the Toulon putters on the site. I just picked up a putter I don't need it was only $109 in excellent condition.

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