1. mmaynard11

    WTB Scotty Cameron Weights

    Looking for various sized weights, heavier than 15g for my Teryllium Newport putter. Anyone have any for sale?
  2. mmaynard11

    Putting Green Outdoor

    As I’m looking to fill out some space around the pool I’ve begun looking at outdoor putting greens. There are so many different brands & styles out there these days. For those who have outdoor putting surfaces, which would you recommend? Criteria: - Must be able to withstand rain. Or will I...
  3. mmaynard11

    Keurig Coffee

    So for years I was content with a coffee pot! Allowed me to brew my coffee as strong as I liked & have multiple cups if chosen. My wife convinced me to switch to a Keurig. Unfortunately I’m not a fan. The coffee isn’t as strong, I’m left having to use multiple cartridges if I want a second...
  4. mmaynard11

    Phil Mickenson’s Champions Tour Event

    Phil has committed to the Champions Tour Event next week...does he go out & win...
  5. mmaynard11

    Savannah, GA Golf Course Recommendations

    So my wife is basing a trip around my birthday in Savannah & which hotel she chooses is based off where I want to golf. Other option would be to go up to Hilton Head Island. We've never stayed downtown Savannah area, but have stayed on HHI several times. What are courses you would...
  6. mmaynard11

    Do You Spin?

    Okay after seeing this I'm left shaking my head. The amount of spin these guys generate is crazy...which begs the question... How much do you spin the ball?
  7. mmaynard11

    What Set Should Be Next.

    Okay I think my daughter is ready for her next set of clubs. Right now she has a Driver, hybrid, 7i, PW, & putter. Should her next set be a full set of clubs or a seven club set (Dr, 3w, Hybrid, 7i, 9i, SW, & putter)? She is 9 years old & 54” tall?
  8. mmaynard11

    Club Finding

    Lately I’ve been finding left clubs around the green. It baffles me that one could forget a club after finishing a hole. Today I found a wedge & a 7i on back to back holes. Come to find out it was from the group in front of you. So question...have you ever left a club green side?
  9. mmaynard11

    Handicap Apps

    What are all of you using to keep & track an official handicap if you don’t belong to a club?
  10. mmaynard11

    Mevo +

    So is the Mevo+ the new & improved SkyTrak? Price Point is in line, but they seem to be touting more stats & data can be provided with the addition of a few courses to play. I see they are hosting a web introduction next Tuesday. I need to know more...
  11. mmaynard11

    DIY Car Repairs

    Okay so how many of us THPers do there own car repairs? (Oil, brakes, general repairs) I have never been one to change my own oil or do basic repairs. Today I changed my own brakes! Watch out I may just try to do a 3” lift on my Jeep next!
  12. mmaynard11

    Describe Your Perfect Round Of Golf

    The title says it all. Describe your perfect round of golf. Could be the course, the company or a memorable shot. Let’s hear it THP...
  13. mmaynard11

    Name the Golfer -

    So received this in an email this morning from Shot Scope & thought this would be fun. Name the golfer....go!
  14. mmaynard11

    Help Design My Pool

    Okay folks the wife & I are torn as we like both 2d mock up designs for our pool. which do you like better? Note we are moving to Florida.
  15. mmaynard11

    The Airplane Pounder

    To go along with the traveling theme. Most airplanes have screens in the seat backs these days. I will only watch movies & never play games for the simple fact I don’t want to disturb the person in front of me. So what type of flyer are you?
  16. mmaynard11

    Moving - Hire Movers or Rent Truck

    Alright fellas...so here is the question. We are scheduled to move our stuff down tonFlorida from Ohio in a month. We’ve had a few moving quotes & they are anywhere from $2000 - $10000+. Honestly we aren’t taking all of our stuff, most of our stuff is already packed in the garage. I’ve...
  17. mmaynard11

    Which Part of Your Game

    We all experience it, a lay-off either due to weather or daily rigors of life. When you get back to playing which part of your game is the most rusty?
  18. mmaynard11

    Valentine’s Day

    It’s Valentines Day, what are you doing with your significant other? Do you celebrate this holiday?
  19. mmaynard11

    What Year???

    Saw this on another social media outlet & thought it would be interesting. Ultimately it may show some of our age...? What year did you start playing the game of golf?
  20. mmaynard11

    THP Fantasy Football Prizes!!!

    Spoils go to the winners of the THP Fantasy Football Champions! I’ve never seen a prize that one of the Champions received and said “Nan, that’s weak!!!” I thought we could use this thread to show off our winnings!!! @PatsFan @milehighgolfer @copenhagerman @Jrt13 and anyone else I missed...

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