1. BigDill

    Classic Golf Attire - Could You?

    I’m staying at the Biltmore hotel in Miami this weekend, and came across this photo in one of the hallways. If this was the standard golfing attire today, would you still play golf?
  2. BigDill

    Klondike Bars: Underrated?

    I had a Klondike Bar for the first time yesterday in what had to be at least 10 years. When I am looking for a handheld ice cream option, I go chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich, Drumstick, or the Klondike Bar’s cooler cousin, the Choco Taco. But I grabbed a pack of Reese’s Klondike Bars...
  3. BigDill

    Imagine THP’s 4 Best Golfers Entered a Best Ball Tournament...

    ...and then realize that is not what is happening. But what is happening is that 3 well respected THP members and I are playing as a foursome in the Orange County National “Super Best Ball” Tournament on July 25th on the Crooked Cat course. @McLovin @jim54 and @X.Man will join me to try to put a...
  4. BigDill

    Chips Ahoy! Sour Patch Kids Cookies

    Found these at Target today. My kids are huge Sour Patch Kids fans, so they are pretty excited to give them a try tonight. Personally, I find the combination to be really strange.
  5. BigDill

    One Good Thing (Golf Edition)

    Golf is funny game. On one shot you may feel like a pro on tour, and on the next you look like it’s the first time you picked up a club. You may sink a putt from thirty-plus feet, but miss a three footer, all in the same round. Often times I focus on what I could do better, as opposed to what I...
  6. BigDill

    Tiny Washers on Normal Washers

    Does anyone have a tiny washer attached to your full size washer? I am talking about those 1 cu.ft. washer located in the pedestal or on top of the normal size machine. The wife and I have been washer shopping because our current set is getting a bit old (8+ years) and has been acting up. We...
  7. BigDill

    BigDill’s Pickles

    We are a family who loves a good pickle. Dill, kosher, spices, half sour, you name it, we love them. A lot of our meals involve some sort of picked something, usually store or deli bought. We have talked about trying to make our own pickles for years, but have never got around to it....until...
  8. BigDill

    Video BigDill: Fairway Hunter - Official Trailer

    Upon popular demand, I am happy to present the official trailer for "BigDill: Fairway Hunter". Its already generating some Oscar buzz....
  9. BigDill

    Pondering a Putter: State Your Case THP

    I recently switched to a traditional style putter and have been averaging about 3 putts per hole, which is not great. I love the look and of my SWAG Suave Too, but boy have I been struggling with it. So I think it's time to move on to something else. But here is the catch: I have always had...
  10. BigDill

    The Quarter (1/4) Zip Appreciation Thread

    I know many of us THPers are huge fans of the venerable and versatile 1/4 zip. From the course to the office, and just about everywhere in between, the 1/4 zip is a great option to make sure you are looking your best. Some of us love material quality above style, and others take pride in finding...
  11. BigDill

    CONTEST Giveaway: UST Mamiya Distance Bash Driving Iron

    The boys and I wanted to do a little something for the forum to show our appreciation for being a part of this great event and community. We thought about it and figured that everyone can use some extra distance. So we paired a UST Mamiya Recoil 95 Prototype F4 shaft in custom yellow with the...
  12. BigDill

    Air Jordan 5 Golf

    Pat Perez was promoting the Air Jordan 5 Golf on his Instagram account a few days ago, and it looks like these may be released to the public on February 15, 2020. I know the look is not for everyone, but for those that are interested, this is the first indication that the Jordan brand is moving...
  13. BigDill

    Stitch Golf Mystery Box Sale

    Stitch Golf is having a sale currently which includes some deep discounts on some great looking apparel. You may be familiar with the name from the THP PGA Show coverage and all the buzz from their Ultimate Garment Bag (UGB). But the standout of the sale has to be the "mystery box" which...
  14. BigDill

    2020 Distance Bash with UST Mamiya Travel and Extra Rounds Thread

    Travel and Extra Round(s) Thread for the 2020 Distance Bash with UST Mamiya! This is the place where we can discuss travel, extra lodging, extra rounds, and everything generally related. Thanks to @OITW for this information and template. Airports by distance: DAB Daytona Beach, FL 37...
  15. BigDill

    FS: SWAG SugarSkull Mallet Cover Black/Red/Pink

    Selling the SWAG SugarSkull mallet cover I revived. Originally I purchased it in case I moved to a mallet putter, but I don’t think that will happen anytime soon. Price is $110. I will ship at my cost.
  16. BigDill

    Flu Season - Do You Get A Flu Shot?

    Apparently flu season has come early this year. I usually wait until it starts to get cooler here in FL to get my flu shot, but this year I got hit hard and early. As I sit here on day 2 of Type B Influenza, it makes me regret not getting the flu shot on time. Do any of you all make it a...
  17. BigDill

    Solar/Sun Sleeves - Worth it?

    I have been playing one to two times a week on average over the summer and the sun has been beating me up, mostly on the back of my neck and arms. I have started sometimes wearing those fishing-style neck gaiters to protect my neck. But when it comes to my arms, I am getting clobbered by the...
  18. BigDill

    Arsenic Found at Melreese Country Club International Links

    Those of you outside of Miami may be familiar with the Melreese Country Club Miami International Links course. Its a really well maintained and very busy public course that borders Miami International Airport. When you fly into Miami, its the course you see as you land. I have played there...
  19. BigDill

    I Remember My First Time...

    I have been thinking a lot today about how much my golf life has changed over the last 18 months. I went from having played less than 10 rounds in my life to logging close to 75 rounds since then. I have met dozens of awesome people who share a passion for this game, and learned more than I...
  20. BigDill

    Can a Rough be Too Rough?

    Played another 18 today, and the course seemed to have very tall rough, including adjacent to the fairway. I have never spent so long on a golf course looking for golf balls within our group than I did today. Golf balls were constantly over 100% covered in the rough. I understand that the rough...

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