1. Joe Navy

    Joker, The Movie

    I think a majority of movie goers feel the same as you, which is what makes it a great movie. Now if we can just get an adult version of Star Wars. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Joe Navy

    Tour Event 2019 ZOZO Championship

    I’ve played a few courses in Japan, and one noticeable aspect was the drainage systems. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Joe Navy

    Inexpensive club that stays in your bag

    I have tried a few different putters: two Odyssey's, a TM Spider, but none really worked out well for me... Recently went back to the first putter I bought several years ago, and I just seem to hit it really well. I believe I might have paid about $30, but the weight and feel are just perfect...
  4. Joe Navy

    Need 4W advice

    The top of my bag consists of an XR16 driver (interchanged with a shortened TM R15), V-Series 3W and HW. I have better success playing my driver at 12.5*, and strongly considering replacing the 3W with a 4W. Currently, watching a few XR16 4W's on eBay. Looking for some lessons learned... Any...
  5. Joe Navy

    Affordable Golf Communities

    I will retire from the Navy next year, and brainstorming ideas for my post-Navy life. While researching golf communities, it seems most either cater to the wealthy (million dollar homes) or 55 and over crowd. So, what's out there for a couple in their 40's, with no kids, that want to live in an...
  6. Joe Navy

    Joe Navy WITB

    I have a few different options to get to 14. I like to mix and match as I improve my ball striking...
  7. Joe Navy

    Questions for tall players

    I am a high handicap golfer, 6'5" in golf shoes. Based on fittings, I am playing my irons 1 up with a 1" ext. My hybrids are also extended 1" and standard lengths for my woods and driver. I would like to know how tall players with iron extensions are playing their hybrids and woods? I have...
  8. Joe Navy

    Looking for specific grip...

    So, I recently bought a "like new" set of XR irons. I custom ordered with the Golf Pride New Decade MC, which I love on my driver and woods, but not comfortable on these irons. On my old set of irons, I have the Lamkin Perma Wrap Classic Jumbos. These grips are amazing, but seem to be...
  9. Joe Navy

    Best trade-in return

    Not sure if I'm duplicating an existing topic, but would like to know where others have found the best return on trade for golf clubs. Besides return on trade, dealers or retailers that will also accept off-brand products.
  10. Joe Navy

    Cutting down a shaft

    I purchased a new driver for my wife, Callaway V Series. It is about one inch longer than her previous driver, and she was having some difficulty with the slightly longer shaft (that sentence will make you think...[emoji3]). Anyway, took her driver to a golf shop (in Japan) and the tech was...

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