1. BroD

    Hzrdus shafts breaking with TM drivers

    Had an Haz yellow break on me earlier this year.. had bought on e-bay,,,the company said, tough luck.
  2. BroD

    Golfers Elbow - Best Elbow Braces

    My golfer's elbow continues to heal.. Not practicing with my driver or long irons... and playing 3 times a week... best support brace I found was... https://www.donjoyperformance.com/trizone-tennis-golf-support-orange give me elbow freedom but great support where i need it...and only $10
  3. BroD

    So fedex is outside...

    The mail lady didn't help my cause the other day while I was at the golf course ... She honked her horn,, and delivers my wife... as she smiles and says,, 'brought him another golf club"...
  4. BroD

    Putter balance?

    When putting,, I use one hand to balance the club, (which isn't much but some) and my other hand to guide the stroke.... (Ping Scottsdale Hohum) What I am asking,, when the club is in my hands loosely held, it balances at my toes.. wondering how that balance point (loosely held) would be...
  5. BroD

    Putter balance?

    I see the new putters have adjustment weights,,, is this for a perfect balance within the hands to neutralize its inwards pull?
  6. BroD

    New Srixon SOFT FEEL Golf Balls

    Any way to tell by ball markings and or box markings to make sure you are buying the 'new' ball?
  7. BroD

    This may be an unpopular opinion but,

    Make a new rule, to those who are standing beside a 'Mash Potato' heckler; that they can stomp their toe, to give them something to holler about.
  8. BroD

    Height of putter contact

    Trying to perfect my putting,,, and tried lifting my putter up a half inch so my contact point would be at the middle of the ball,, and find the ball now seems to go every which way... ( I realize with any change > practice... practice.. practice ) Where do you all lift your putter up to...
  9. BroD

    fore - arm pump?

    found lots of products out there .... at amazon or ebay ect.. key word .. golfers elbow ... thanks you all,, going to continue to research.
  10. BroD

    fore - arm pump?

    willing to try a pressure band,,,, where would you put it... (I know,,, dumb question):rolleyes: But really don't want to rest and stop hitting balls.. :cool: also interest in the info from PapaJohick..
  11. BroD

    TaylorMade M3 and M4 Drivers

    Hit every fairway today,, (one pop fly thou) distance was good,,, but man it was hot. over 100 degree heat index,
  12. BroD

    fore - arm pump?

    My upper Left fore arm has been aching for awhile.. (so much so it effects my swing) any advice or exercises to help?
  13. BroD

    TaylorMade M3 and M4 Drivers

    I'm still using one,(M3), and have a love - hate relationship with it... Paid top money for it when it was first released, and my wife won't let me forget it.. I have 5 different shafts for it; On good driver days,, can't miss a fairway.. roll out for a while was a problem but with a few...
  14. BroD

    Alignment dot on driver not in center of the crown. Is this distracting to you?

    I've got a 3/4 inch aluminum tape on top (front to back) of mine so I can see my sweet spot of club contacting the ball when I swing... (line her up)
  15. BroD

    What are you drinking?

    Lemonade,, and or cran/strawberry juice. ( oh yea diluted in half by h2o. )
  16. BroD

    Wooden decking question

    coated deck screws cause the new way they treat wood will 'rust' out non coated nails or screws in a year according to my advisers,,, and I just built a screened in porch with 5/4s and put them as tight as I could,, and now 2 months later they have a gap in them as they dried and shrunk.
  17. BroD

    CaddyDaddy Claw Golf Gloves

    Just ordered another one. the 20% off and free shipping code expires at the end of June. > code > THP...
  18. BroD

    GolfLogix greenbooks?

    Has anyone tried the new GolfLogix greenbooks out,,, they look like just the thing to help reading greens for people like me with short memories and wondering,,, "which way is she going to roll?"
  19. BroD

    Why aren't there any Maltby club reviews?

    I've been playing the PTM irons and M series wedges for a year and a half,, and they are not going out of my bag any time soon. I custom built the irons myself with Kurokage shafts, and am a satisfied customer of Golfworks in building and experimenting with shafts for my driver and hybrids...
  20. BroD

    Deal of the Day and Coupon Code thread

    and when your croquet ball fly's out of control you can holler "regarder dehors" = "look out" in French.

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