1. BroD

    Putter balance?

    I see the new putters have adjustment weights,,, is this for a perfect balance within the hands to neutralize its inwards pull?
  2. BroD

    Height of putter contact

    Trying to perfect my putting,,, and tried lifting my putter up a half inch so my contact point would be at the middle of the ball,, and find the ball now seems to go every which way... ( I realize with any change > practice... practice.. practice ) Where do you all lift your putter up to...
  3. BroD

    fore - arm pump?

    My upper Left fore arm has been aching for awhile.. (so much so it effects my swing) any advice or exercises to help?
  4. BroD

    GolfLogix greenbooks?

    Has anyone tried the new GolfLogix greenbooks out,,, they look like just the thing to help reading greens for people like me with short memories and wondering,,, "which way is she going to roll?"
  5. BroD

    Very little roll out off my driver

    Bought a TM M3 last year,, and like the distance (210) and accuracy, but I have not much roll out after the landing... Tried many swing changes and forward ball placement,, but still being out driven by 20 -30 yards because of their roll, Wanting to purchase a new shaft, currently using a...

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