1. badolds

    For Sale KBS Tour V 110 .370 stiff pulls.

    KBS Tour V 110 .370 stiff pulls. Set has two 4 iron shafts and 5-PW total of 8 shafts. Lengths are 36 3/4 x 2 - 37 - 36 1/4 - 35 3/4 - 35 1/4 - 34 3/4 - 34 1/2 Comes with 8 Golf Pride Tour Velvet in great shape uninstalled $110 shipped
  2. badolds

    Counterbalanced effect on swingweight

    I noticed that switching to a Tensei pro orange changed the swingweight of my driver by 3 points at the same length. I can add weight to the head to make it my normal D-4 but I am wondering if it supposed to be lighter by design?
  3. badolds

    Pine Forest Country Club Houston Texas

    I had the pleasure of playing a round at Pine Forest Country Club in west Houston last Sunday. This is one of the nicest private clubs in the area. I have been to a few weddings and events hosted here but have never played golf. I drive by here nearly every day and look through the fence at the...
  4. badolds

    Parmesan cheese on top?

    I had pizza for lunch yesterday and it came with a small cup of parmesan cheese. I was sprinkling some on a slice and spilled way too much. I did not mind at all, I smother pizza and pasta with it every time I eat it. When the waiter asks if I would like some fresh grated I get enough that my...
  5. badolds

    KFC discontinuing potato wedges?

    I had a five dollar fill up the other day and to my dismay the potato wedges were gone from the menu. They were touting the new seasoned fries so I gave them a try, meh. Put this in the category of don't know what you've got till its gone. I did not realize it before but KFC wedges might have...
  6. badolds

    Low tee height with driver

    I have a negative attack angle with driver. I have tried setup and swing changes in an attempt to hit up on the ball but nothing works long term. I have tried different tee heights through the years and it seems the lower I tee it the better my shots turn out. For the past year or so I have been...
  7. badolds

    Practice clubs that match your set?

    I practice chipping and pitching at work several times a week. I bring my 58* Jaws X grind back and forth to work so its always in my backseat and I have forgot it at work a couple times. My practice area is rocky so the sole of the club gets scratched up quickly and I know the heavy use will...
  8. badolds

    For Sale Mavrik Max 9* driver Aldila Rogue Silver 125 MS1 60 X stiff

    Bought this to compare to my 10.5 Std. This is NOT my Grandaddy club. Perfect condition with only two range sessions on it. Aldila Rogue Silver 125 MSI shaft is labeled Tour X but I had it frequency tested at 6.6. X stiff starts at 6.5 so it is not really that stout. 45.75 length. D-4...
  9. badolds

    Understanding adjustable hosels

    I found this video that explains how adjustable driver hosels work. I know that when you loft up any brand of driver that the face will appear more closed at address. I assumed that the club would need to be turned in my hands to square the clubface and that would be the true adjusted loft. My...
  10. badolds

    Who wins the NFC AFC and Super Bowl? Who is your darkhorse?

    AFC Chiefs NFC Saints Super Bowl Saints Darkhorse Titans
  11. badolds

    For Sale GTB Medallion 6.0 travel bag.

    Like new condition. Only used twice. $100.00 shipped
  12. badolds

    Have you ever played through a group without permission?

    This is the tenth hole at Greatwood in Sugarland TX. I started off as a single and quickly caught this twosome on the fourth hole. They let a twosome that was in front of me through at least I think they did. I was waiting on the fifth tee when a single came up and asked to join me. I said sure...
  13. badolds

    For Sale Rogue Silver 130 MSI stiff flex shaft with Srixon tip. Trades considered.

    Plays about 45.5 in a Srixon Z-785 head About 44 inches with tip installed. Comes with brand new red MCC+4 grip. Will send with Srixon tip or have it professionally removed. $150 shipped. Will consider trades for 70-80 gram stiff shaft.
  14. badolds

    Mcdonalds blender to the face. Deserved or not?

    I think she crossed the line but the broken face is too much.
  15. badolds

    The dreaded CHYIPS

    I am not sure if this term has been used before or if it even should be but I have the "chyips" or the chipping yips. I practice chipping and pitching constantly because I can do it at work without driving to the course. I am quite good at it during practice but it is a weakness for me at the...
  16. badolds

    Critique my swing with an insult.

    I'm a hack. I would like some help with my swing but your reply must be insulting. Don't worry I can take it.
  17. badolds

    Toe down chipping have you tried it?

    Last week me and @mikeg_74 worked on my chipping and he introduced a method that I had never tried before. Mike has a great short game that he has used to kick my butt more than once. I have been focusing on my short game leading up to the Grandaddy because I can practice it without going to the...
  18. badolds

    WTB WTB WTT PX LZ 6.0 or 6.5 .370 iron shaft set.

    I have a set of KBS Tour V 110 gram stiff that I will trade. Will consider other shafts in the 120-130 gram range.
  19. badolds

    Whataburger's new breakfast burger

    I had this for breakfast this morning and it was very good. Would you try it?
  20. badolds

    Happy Birthday mikeg_74

    I want to wish our assistant captain of the 2019 Grandaddy a happy birthday. I hope you have a great day Mike!!

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