1. Reframmellator

    What loft is your driver?

    10.5 but thinking of trying the next lower setting
  2. Reframmellator

    Cleveland wedges

    Welcome to THP! If the wedges are working for you and you can make the shots you need them for at this point, I would stay with what you have. If they seem to be the weak point of your game, then I would follow @Snickerdog's advice to see which wedge gives you the best results for all the shots...
  3. Reframmellator

    Official Rant of the Day

    Prayers for you and your family.
  4. Reframmellator

    Official Rant of the Day

    Real Toupee (or Teeth), Fake Mustache
  5. Reframmellator

    Official Rant of the Day

    Round Table For Men? Record Tarpon Fishing Memory? Real Tinkers Fix Messes? When I taught SAT prep classes, it was RTFQ, which I throttled back to "Read the FULL question."
  6. Reframmellator

    2020 NFL Thread

    But he could be back next week, Hines Ward played in a full game ten days after an emergency appendectomy.
  7. Reframmellator

    Putting Instruction Apps

    I tried Zepp Golf for the full swing, but I didn’t think the feedback was all that useful in terms of providing guidance that improved my results. Right now the best approach for me is working with some instructional videos and comparing my recorded swing. That, and using the Shot Data function...
  8. Reframmellator

    The Home Renovation Thread

    Can't tell from the picture, but if that is a Concept2, it's pretty much the gold standard for competitive rowers. My son still uses the one we bought 2000-ish. Machine build is well worth it. Doesn't look like my son's unit, as I recall.
  9. Reframmellator

    The Home Renovation Thread

    "Don't force it!!! Get a bigger hammer."
  10. Reframmellator

    The Home Renovation Thread

    Very true.
  11. Reframmellator

    Did you play more rounds this year or less ?

    Played my 198th hole last night. More holes this year than 2017-2019 combined.
  12. Reframmellator

    What putter are you using and how long have you been using it?

    SeeMore Giant M1t, copper weights, for the last four years. Putting very well with it of late, after I went back and worked on my stroke. I've grown really comfortable with center-shafted putters.
  13. Reframmellator

    What did you shoot today?

    Got out for nine, probably my last outdoor golf of 2020. Shot a 48 with 14 putts, finishing with five straight bogeys. Nothing worked really well with the full swing. Forgiveness and a decent enough short game saved me from much worse
  14. Reframmellator

    2020 NFL Thread

    Very good points. Ya never know, though. Miami might want to add to their collection of draft picks and Fitz might want to add to his collection of NFL helmets. He has 8.
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    The Official Banter Away Thread

    You could try to hang a few of these around your yard:
  16. Reframmellator

    Are you a “Matcher”?

    Irons and set gap wedge need to match. Otherwise, anything goes. I'm a big fan of the Dylawedge grips for wedges, and it would be nice if they came in colors so I could idiot-proof my bag - different colors for different wedges. I've thought about using same grip/different colors for my 6 and 9...
  17. Reframmellator

    Official 2020 MLB Thread

    Listening to Game 1 of the WS and it's almost like a flashback to a Pirates broadcast, with Tyler Glasnow, Austin Meadows, and Charlie Morton on the Rays' roster. I say almost because a) this is the World Series and b) players are playing to their potential through better coaching, so it can't...
  18. Reframmellator

    Official Rant of the Day

    In the last two months, we have had six suppliers around the globe declare force majeure and/or implement sales controls. Everything is so connected, and the Covid recession has so effed up normal demand patterns, that every region is affected. I'm ready to declare force majeure myself and go...
  19. Reframmellator


    Kind of reminds me of SwingOil for a more generalized audience and more specific performance targets.
  20. Reframmellator

    2020 NFL Thread

    Good question. Because we're looking at two teams for whom logic doesn't always apply? Get to the playoffs with a streaky QB? Get a draft pick to parlay?

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