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    Jim McLean Building Block Approach

    I still think there is no substitute for the right live golf instructor for you. Some of the best instruction I've had involved the coach putting my body into the proper positions during the swing. After some constructive feedback from this site on my swing video, I dusted off my Jim McLean...
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    RIP Joe Morgan

    The Houston Astros and Big Red Machine Hall of Famer, famed for his "chicken flap" at the plate nearly as much as his on-field accomplishments, has died at 77. He is the fifth baseball HOF member to pass in the last six weeks. His mock interview with Jim Bouton in Ball Four about the type of...
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    RIP Whitey Ford

    The Yankees ace has died at 91. Former Pirates broadcaster Bob Prince loved to tell the story about the 1960 World Series, in which the Yankees set a record that still stands for most runs scored in a seven game World Series, but still lost to the Pirates. Pirate broadcasts were sponsored by...
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    Suggestions for Deer Protection?

    My wife and I were walking through our development yesterday afternoon and saw this group for the third time in a week: These guys (well, their relatives) did a serious number last winter on some shrubs I planted along our rear property line. Nothing died, but their growths were slowed. I...
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    RIP Gale Sayers

    Legendary Kansas and Chicago Bears running back Gale Sayers has died at 77.
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    RIP Tom Seaver

    The Pittsburgh Pirates radio broadcast is reporting that the New York Mets and Hall of Fame pitcher has died. He was 75. He died Monday of complications from Lyme disease and dementia.
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    A Public Serice Announcement: Golf Is a Medical Necessity - My Primary Care Doctor

    My primary care doc is a great doctor and an overall great guy. I saw him this morning for a followup. I had actually lost 12 lbs since my last visit and he asked me how I did it. I told him I had tried to cut down on snacks and baked goods, walked more, and was doing more yard work and playing...
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    Kids on the Course - Done the Right Way

    I was able to get away a little early today and got a 3:51 tee time. All I knew was I was paired with a twosome, which turned out to be a dad and his seven year old. Charlie had all the energy of a seven year old boy and exactly one lesson under his belt. It helped that the groups in front of us...
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    On July 26 in Baseball History...

    ... in 1956, Roberto Clemente hit a bottom-of-the-ninth, walk-off, inside-the-park grand slam for a 9-8 Pirates win against the Chicago Cubs It is the only such walk-off in MLB history. Think about it. Inside the parkers are rare enough, but to be a walk-off you have to be EXACTLY three runs...
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    Deepfake - In Event of Moon Disaster

    This video should be chilling for its demonstration of our ability to make up proof of things that never happened Most people know President Nixon had a speech ready to deliver if the Apollo 11 landing failed. MIT created this video of Nixon’s speech that he never gave. And to think the...
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    Airplane! at 40

    Just saw this article today. There was a lot of stuff in there I did not know. For example, the part played by Robert Hays was originally written FOR David Letterman...
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    The Best You Ever Saw - MLB Edition

    Sox_Fan and I were trading thoughts in the Bobby Bonilla Day thread, and it inspired this thread. Who was the best MLB player you ever saw - in person? I added the "in person" qualifier, because otherwise this becomes another GOAT thread. But obviously, the entire body of work should be...
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    RIP Carl Reiner

    The comedic genius and force behind multiple comedy classics has died at 98. He and Mel Brooks were inseparable in recent years.
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    PMA - Are You Buying It? Are You Living It?

    That would be Positive Mental Attitude. It's not quite the same as being optimistic, although one of the Wikipedia definitions describes it in terms of optimism. I like this Wikipedia explanation better: I started to think about this more today when I came across a quote from the...
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    Gift for a New Boatowner

    Question for you boaters out there: My son has wanted a boat for a long time and finally bought one last week. He also has a birthday coming up, so we thought it might be nice to get him something boat-relatd but nonobvious (i.e., floating key chain, first aid kit) that he would find useful...
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    RIP Johnny Majors

    The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has announced that Heisman Trophy runner-up and former college football coach Johnny Majors has died at 85. He coached at Tennessee and twice at the University of Pittsburgh, leading Pitt to its last national championship in 1976.
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    Taps Across America

    Saw this tonight on a time shifted recording and it’s a pretty cool idea. I might even dust off my trumpet and oil the valves. Anybody else thinking about participating? Memorial Day celebrations across the U.S. will look a bit different this year, with most picnics, parades, and services...
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    Anyone Here Convert an Old PC to a Network Server?

    I have enough extra parts that I can put together a decently powered server for the home network. I plan to use it for backups and media storage. I did one a long time ago for backups only using Windows 8 and Stablebit Drivepool at the time. I'm trying to do this with existing components and...
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    RIP Don Shula

    His family has confirmed the NFL coaching legend died Monday at 90.
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    RIP Bill Withers

    Bill ("Lean on Me") Withers has died of complications from heart problems. He was 81.

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