1. golfinnut

    ANNOUNCEMENT 2021 Albatross Club is Now Open: THPers Making a Difference Helping Children

    Easiest & best $35 I'll spend all year! Maybe this year will be the year to get back into an event (y) Can't win it if you're not in it, right?
  2. golfinnut

    Anybody done for the Golf Season due to weather?

    Yeah let's go with that .. I'm calling it quits because of the weather. Yeah that's it. ;)
  3. golfinnut

    Adam Scott Tests Positive

    The list will continue to climb unfortunately :eek:
  4. golfinnut

    For Sale 5-GW Dynamic Gold 95 vss pro S300

    Great gesture! Awesome people here at THP (y)
  5. golfinnut

    Are you a “Matcher”?

    Yes judging by what's in my bag at the moment. But that's most likely my problem. I need to broaden my OEM horizons :rolleyes:
  6. golfinnut

    ANNOUNCEMENT 2020 Holiday Cheer is Coming Soon

    Always one of the best times of year here at THP! (y)
  7. golfinnut

    Titleist TSi Driver Review

    This is when you really hope for a testing opportunity :unsure: :ROFLMAO:
  8. golfinnut

    Titleist TSi Driver Review

    $550 is going to be a steep price to pay. And then add another $150 - $200 for an "upgraded" shaft? C'mon ... the price of these things are getting out of hand. :rolleyes:
  9. golfinnut

    WINNER Week 6 THP NFL Pickem Winner!

    Congrats dude! It was a rough week for me. I could have done better by blind picking :eek:
  10. golfinnut

    Why...just why?!?!

    I think it's a good deterrent ..... just like a police car sitting on the side of the road without anyone in it. You always slow down, even though it's an empty car. Leave the cart there ... "Don't drive here" :oops:
  11. golfinnut

    Ben Hogan GS53 MAX Driver

    The speed slots look like an old Hogan metal wood I used to have
  12. golfinnut

    Is There a Better Way to Start the Weekend?

    That looks like fun. A "probably should have stayed home" type of moment since it was on the first hole. :ROFLMAO:
  13. golfinnut

    The end of an era. RIP TAB

    My mother used to drink this crap back in the 70's. All I had to do was take one sip & that was it ... disgusting. Good riddance. I actually thought it was already gone:unsure:
  14. golfinnut

    Do You Ever Reach A point Where You're Golfed Out

    I'm glad I have other hobbies come this time of year that take me away from golf. Fishing & Hunting. It helps me take a step back from golf for a while & give it a break. It will probably come here soon enough. I will make sure of it (y)
  15. golfinnut

    Question about THP events

    You know you're at the top of my list dude! (y)
  16. golfinnut

    Golf Balls in the Fall - Color Conversation

    This pretty much ^^^^^^^^^^ There are rarely any white leaves to blend with a white ball. :eek: If there are then I need to be hunting instead of golfing because there is snow on the ground
  17. golfinnut

    Question about THP events

    THP Events are about golf yes but it's more than that. I've met some of the greatest guys thru here & a lot of them live in my state & are local. I wouldn't have known them otherwise. Like @JonD @ChristopherKee @moosejaa @Scrap Iron @dwchockey13 Well not @JohnSinVA so much :ROFLMAO: Even his...
  18. golfinnut

    CONTEST Srixon Z-STAR and Z-STAR XV Golf Balls

    The Z-star is the only one I haven't tried yet. :unsure:
  19. golfinnut

    Titleist TSi Driver Review

    What are your typical ball speed numbers @Canadan ? How did these two heads stack up compared to your gamer? Even though your "Driver Swing" is hot garbage right now :rolleyes:
  20. golfinnut

    Do you Play "Winter Rules?"

    Winter rules all year long as far as I'm concerned. I don't play enough competitive golf anymore to worry about it or having a handicap established (except of course for THP Events (y)) So when asked "what is your handicap?" My reply .... "myself" :eek:

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