1. golfinnut

    Photo Seemed Funny To Me!

    Best Caption Wins! Ready .... I'll go first "Hey Don, what kind of shaft is that?"
  2. golfinnut


    If you were to choose between these two, just by what you've read, with no access to a simulator to see actual numbers, which would you choose & why? I'm choosing between these two & wanted to get everyone's opinion. (y)
  3. golfinnut

    WTB ATTAS Coool Shaft

    I need another ATTAS Coool shaft. I have it in my driver but I want one in my 3 wood now. Anyone have one they want to get rid of?
  4. golfinnut

    Enter To Win Free Stand Bag - UpGlove

    Enter to win a free stand bag thru UpGlove https://upglove.com/giveaway?referral=65Bg89s&refSource=copy (I do get extra entries if you use this link)
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    Plane Collision Takes The Life of PGA Section President at Coeur d'Alene

    https://clubhouse.swingu.com/lifestyle/pga-pacific-northwest-president-sean-fredrickson-killed-in-plane-collision-independence-day-holiday/ PGA Section President killed when two planes collided in mid-air over the holiday weekend, including his son & two step-children. Tragic accident occurred...
  6. golfinnut

    Justin Rose splits with Sean Foley

    Very interesting year for Rose ... having already split from his equipment company Honma, he now quits from his long time teacher, Sean Foley. "I spent the past three months working on my game at home. I made a lot of progress and wanted to keep that momentum going when I returned to...
  7. golfinnut

    Pyramid Putters - Anyone Tried It?

    https://www.pyramid-putters.com/ Has anyone tried the Pyramid Putter? They even have Blair O'Neil sponsoring them now. She's on the infomercial.
  8. golfinnut

    RIP Don Shula

    https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29132028/dolphins-hall-fame-coach-don-shula-dies-90 Hall of Famer, Don Shula, passes away peacefully in his sleep at the age of 90.
  9. golfinnut

    Coming Soon .... The Armored SUV

    https://coolmaterial.com/rides/armortruck-futuristic-armored-suv-concept/ Coming soon .... the Zombie Apocalypse vehicle! Get some .50 machine guns mounted on the dash, machine gun turret up on top. I'm ready for the Apocalypse baby :sneaky:
  10. golfinnut

    14 Players DQ in Mini-Tour Event

    https://www.golf.com/news/2020/03/31/bizarre-rules-situation-mass-disqualification-mini-tour-event/ 14 players were DQ'd at the Outlaw Tour's Verrado Founders Championship for playing the wrong sets of tees on a Par 3. The tees were set at 204 yards, but the problem was that the scorecard the...
  11. golfinnut

    Driver vs Putter - What Have You Spent More Money On?

    Looking in the corner of the Nut Cave this morning, I realized I have a lot of clubs ... full sets of irons, wedges, a lot of Drivers & a lot of Putters just laying around. (I have a hard time letting go! :ROFLMAO:) It got me thinking about how much money I have spent on golf clubs over a long...
  12. golfinnut

    For Sale Ping G400 MAX

    To help fund my future new OEM purchases .... PING G400 MAX Very clean, barely used ... maybe one complete round on it 10.5 stiff 55g shaft, as well as a SR shaft Will throw in the USA cover, as I lost the original Ping Asking $175 OBO, free shipping to CONUS & Albatross Members
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    Happy Birthday Mrkich!

    Happy Birthday @mrkich :drinks: Enjoy it!
  14. golfinnut

    Happy Birthday Papa!

    Happy Birthday @PapaJohick :drinks: Enjoy your day my friend!
  15. golfinnut

    Penley Golf Shafts

    Has anyone used the Penley golf shafts? I remember them from back in the day with the "Made In The USA" slogan. Any recent reviews on them. http://www.penleysports.com/
  16. golfinnut

    CONTEST Upgrade With Lamkin - Free Grip & Install

    Answer 5 simple questions & view Lamkin recommendations, then receive a voucher for a free grip & installation. https://www.lamkingrips.com/grip-selector/ [/URL]
  17. golfinnut

    Swing Jacket ... Anyone Try It?

    https://swingjacket.com/ So has anyone tried this out? Claims automatic, repeatable swing.
  18. golfinnut

    Throwback Thursday - TM Burner

    To continue with the tradition that @Canadan started a while back. Throwback Thursday presents the TaylorMade Burner Bubble. Do you remember this club? It had the revolutionary "Bubble" in the shaft just below the grip. (I don't have a picture of that on this club because I removed it & put...
  19. golfinnut

    CONTEST Snell Early Spring Giveaway

    Our friends at Snell are giving away a prize pack https://www.snellgolf.com/blogs/news/early-spring-giveaway
  20. golfinnut

    Happy Birthday Crazygolfnut!

    Happy Birthday @crazygolfnut ! Hopefully it's full of :drinks: & :golf2:

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