1. PatsFan

    Anyone in New England want to play a tourney on tues??

    Anyone free? We have a open spot in my union golf tourney in Westminster at Westminster Golf and Country Club. It should be a fun time!
  2. PatsFan

    Single Plane swing anyone?

    I have been reading up on it and checking out Todd Graves YT channel. I like most everyone else just want to be consistent and I am going to make a change this off season. I have shortened my back swing and that is definitely helping but still want more. Just curious if anyone else has gone...
  3. PatsFan

    How many Balls do you need for an Entire Year???

    I figure with my sometimes sucky game I need between 6-9 dozen balls for the year, This is playing at least 1 time a week. How many do you need?
  4. PatsFan

    Has anyone changed the batteries in your Arccos grips?

    Has anyone changed the batteries in your Arccos grips? They say they should last 5 years but I am starting my 3rd season and i have 4 or 5 dead batteries,
  5. PatsFan

    Popeye's chicken sandwich VS Chick Fil A's

    Has anyone has both?? I have heard the Popeye's sandwich is better.
  6. PatsFan

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

    Happy Turkey day everyone!! For those that have to work Stay Safe!
  7. PatsFan

    Amazon Giveaways?

    Has anyone ever won one of these? Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  8. PatsFan

    WTB Cobra F8 4H?

    Hey if anyone has a Cobra F8 4 hybrid they want to part with let me know.
  9. PatsFan

    TaylorMade TP5 Pix Golf Balls

    Has anyone seen these balls??? Looks like Truvis has some competition.
  10. PatsFan

    Cobra F8 Screw went inside

    Anyone else have this happen I was switching the shaft and somehow the screw ended up inside the head and is rattling around. Cobra customer service was great and i am shipping it to them to see it they can remove it.
  11. PatsFan

    HAPPY Passover And Easter everyone!

    Hope you have a a great day today. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  12. PatsFan

    Shelf Life of golf balls?

    This got me thinking. What is the Actual shelf life of a golf ball? at what age do they start to lose something?
  13. PatsFan

    2nd Greatest QB this Century???

    Who is the 2nd Greatest QB this Century up till NOW??? Is it Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees or someone else?
  14. PatsFan

    Lostgolfballs Truvis

    I bought some Red Truvis balls from these guys and I am impressed the balls are all in really good condition. My only knock is that they are mixed between Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X. I emailed them and they said that they were a mixed batch. I said they should label them as such and they...
  15. PatsFan

    Are the Balls Amateurs buy Different than the ones the Pro's use?

    Are the Balls Amateurs buy Different than the ones the Pro's use? Sorry if this has already been asked. But I wonder about these things.
  16. PatsFan

    Anyone ever have an Achilles tendon Strain?

    I tweaked mine 2 weeks ago and it was feeling much better till I had to run today. Anyone ever deal with an Achilles tendon issue? I had to cancel golf last week. :(
  17. PatsFan

    Aha Moment?

    Has this happened to you? what was yours? I have been struggling with a swing that has gotten really steep over the winter. I have taken a few lessons and although the teacher was trying to help me, I wasn't really understanding what I needed to do till I watched a video and went AHA!!! Now I...
  18. PatsFan

    FS/FT Game Golf

    Hey I have a Game golf setup that I am no longer using. it's version one but works great if you want to get into the data side of golf. I would be willing to trade it for a dozen decent balls. Peace
  19. PatsFan

    Who else plays a Low Compression ball?

    Low like under 60? I play the Soffli (30) and I'm testing the gamer soft and I am really interest in the Project S (60) ball that is brand new also. I can't find a compression # for the Gamer soft but have heard good things about them.
  20. PatsFan

    Does anyone else enjoy watching the Pro's having a bad day?

    I will admit I do. When I see them Jack one into the water or OB it makes me feel good. Maybe its because I do it all the time so to see that they aren't always perfect is nice. "scha·den·freu·de"

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