1. Alez367

    Twitter Chat with True Temper/Project X - 3/24

    So looks like friends of THP are having a live chat today on Twitter. If you’ve ever wanted to ask a question to them, here’s your chance. @DB TT @+7 KPTT
  2. Alez367

    Ping L8 stand golf bag

    Back in production for 2020 is an old fan favorite: Ping L8 stand bag. Known for being a light weight option, a favorite by those at choose to care when they play, the L8 is new and improved for 2020 “Ping L8 Carry Bag (2020)Back by popular demand is the new single-strap L8 bag, a tribute to...
  3. Alez367

    New Odyssey “Hollywood” headcover

    Did some searching last night and found this cover for Genesis Open (Los Angeles) event later this month on PGA tour.
  4. Alez367

    FS: 2019 Callaway sale

    I’m looking to sell out my gear from last year. All prices are “or best offer” but no trade offers please. Prices are shipping to lower 48 states. Come with appropriate stock headcovers for woods. 1. Callaway epic flash 9*. Used but no major wear anywhere on the face, sole or crown. Asking $275...
  5. Alez367

    New Ogio Fuse Stand bag

    Ogio has launched a new stand bag with new colorways: "LIGHT AS FUSE. Its lightweight design and innovative strap technology deliver an extraordinarily light feel that makes you feel as fresh on the 17th hole as you did on the 2nd. Integrated Fit Disc strap system distributes weight across...
  6. Alez367

    New Spider S putter?

    Sorry guys. Online retailer went early with product. Embargo still in effect so link and description removed.
  7. Alez367

    Happy Birthday KC720

    I know it’s been a minute since I’ve seen you buddy but hope all is going well with you. Happy Birthday Kang
  8. Alez367

    New Elevate 105g shafts are out

    Just launched today in a new weight to compliment the already popular Elevate 95g and Elevate Tour, comes the 105g that I know alot of thpers are going to be excited about, especially @OITW. "The newest addition to the Elevate line is Elevate 105. Sitting between Elevate 95 and Elevate Tour...
  9. Alez367

    Walking vs riding

    Saw this posted to Twitter today and it got me thinking so I wanted to see what everyone else thought about this. What say you THP?
  10. Alez367

    Non-Confirming drivers found during testing again

    So a big mess was made about Xander last season regarding Cor /CT testing of his driver. It appears the tour did indeed intend on testing drivers more often during the new season as a couple of players drivers were flagged for testing during just the 3rd week of the new season...
  11. Alez367

    For Sale Hzrdus smoke yellow 6.0 70g flash adapter $170

    Looking to sell my hzrdus smoke yellow 70g 6.0. Plays to 45” in flash drive. Going with 60g instead of 70g. Not tipped. No trades please Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Alez367

    For Sale FS: JAWS MD5 56* w grind - $130

    Used one round. Photos show condition. No trades. Going with 54* instead. Stock s200 DG115 shaft and UTX grip Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Alez367

    For Sale FS: Callaway wedges

    Way too many wedges in the back up bag so moving non gamers in anticipation of the new ones coming in next week. Price includes shipping to lower 48 states. No trades please. Asking $90 each shipped Md4 46* 54* pm grind 2.0 chrome 54* w grind md4
  14. Alez367

    Titleist jumping in on Triple track ball option

    Looking online this morning and it appears Titleist is looking to get into the triple track alignment aid or a variable of it on their golf balls. While it’s not a complete tricolor design like another oem currently offers it does appear to focus on the tri line design that has been...
  15. Alez367

    What do your clubs mean to you?

    Most of us play this game for fun and enjoyment. Part of that enjoyment comes from the equipment we use whether it be new or used. Whether the clubs in your bag were given to you as hand me downs or as part of participation in a THP event here or you saved up enough to grab a certain club you’ve...
  16. Alez367

    Srixon moving up in market share in golf ball category

    Per Noelle this morning, srixon has now surpassed Bridgestone in market share in the golf ball category http://twitter.com/noelleeeez/status/1155114748549091329?s=21 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Alez367

    ApexElevateExperience presented by Callaway & True SPORTS - WGC St Jude’s Invitationa

    ApexElevateExperience presented by Callaway & True SPORTS - WGC St Jude’s Invitationa Tomorrow the fun begins. Last month Callaway Golf & True Temper teamed up to co-sponsor a contest entitled ApexElevateExperience. Thanks to a lucky guess, I was chosen the winner and given this opportunity to...
  18. Alez367

    Need a recommendation for course in memphis?

    Looks like i might be able to play golf early morning on the 25th before my flight home. Any local Memphis thpers have a course recommendation within 30 minutes of the airport for that morning?
  19. Alez367

    Matt Wolff to Taylormade???

    Looks like Wolff might have struck a deal with Taylormade. What do you think? Kid definitely has the game for going pro 1136651843101220864
  20. Alez367

    Golfing with Women

    With today being Womens Golf Day and THP being owned by a woman, I wanted to see how thpers and golfers in general feel about playing golf with women. This podcast, Girls N Golf, brought up an interesting conversation topic: why don't most men invite women to tee it up with them...

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