1. Johan185

    Improvements in your Game 2020

    🤓How Many :thp::welcome::thp:Have seen their golf game improve this year? How many have seen it walk out the door 🚪 never to be seen again. I have improved in Putting, but not much else:drinks:
  2. Johan185

    GOLF WARS: Revenge of the Blades

    Who besides me has been killing it with Their 2020 Muscle Back Blades ? Whether it's my MP-20'S, MP-5'S or my Jack Nicholas:macgregor:'s It's truly amazing how precision beats High-quality High-tech week in week out. Not being a hater. :drinks: Play the clubs that best suits your game:drinks:
  3. Johan185

    Golf courses open for play in SoCal

    Please post any information of golf courses that are open or planning to reopen in SoCal. Since the information may be hard to find. We can just share our information here. This will save more than a few golfers sanity. :drinks:
  4. Johan185

    When Breast Cancer Strkes

    I may have been slightly odd recently and I feel that you deserve an explanation. This week my wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The Initial Shock is still affecting Us. It was detected during her routine Mammogram this month. 3.0 Millimeter spot seen on her exam. No lumps were...
  5. Johan185

    Finding Motivation to Improve

    Am I the only one? Is the battle to improve our golf game an endless struggle? Does it always feel like you are working for hours on end without seeing any results? Are the Highs few and far between? Compared to the occasional Eureka moments when it all starts coming together and you achieve...
  6. Johan185

    What actually is a Proper Golf Ball Fitting?

    After playing for years and going to many clubs fittings, I actually don't know if I have ever been properly fitted for my golf ball. Now I have been fitted for Bridgestone and Titleist. But those fittings only have been fitted for their brand of golf balls. Has anyone else been fitted for...
  7. Johan185

    The Story About The Schizophrenic USGA & The R&A: How to Diagnose a Organizations with a Split Personality Disorder

    So today the USGA and R&A released the highly anticipated Document entitled DISTANCE INSIGHT. https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/advancing-the-game/distance-insights.html In it they detail how today's Golfer are hitting the ball to Distances which they believe is detrimental to the...
  8. Johan185

    Hitting the Sweet Spot Driver

    Drills and Tips for Hitting the Sweet spot more consistently. I can hit the driver fairly well. But what with all the forgiveness of modern day 460cc Drivers I can be extremely sloppy and still hit a 250 yard drive near the Fairway. So instead of looking at the face of my driver and seeing...
  9. Johan185

    DIY Indoor Practice and Play Golf

    For any who wants to practice and improve their game. Regardless of the weather conditions outside. For under $3000.00. A bit more than a New 2020 set of Premium complete set of clubs. Driver through Putter. Less than what most of spend on clubs :drinks:
  10. Johan185

    DIY Indoor Practice and Play Golf

    For any who wants to practice and improve their game. Regardless of the weather conditions outside. For under $3000.00. A bit more than a New 2020 set of Premium complete set of clubs. Driver through Putter. Less than what most of spend on clubs :drinks:
  11. Johan185

    How Many of us can Break 90 using only Irons, Wedges and a Putter

    14 Club limit. Using any type of Clubs that arguably can fit into the Iron, Wedges and Putter Categories. Driving Irons, Chippers and Other Specialty Clubs allowed. Hollow Bodied Blades. Cavity Backs with Thick Soles and Rails. Allowed. Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids excluded. Period...
  12. Johan185

    Wedges: Cavity Backs Or Blades

    I like many others Struggle hitting Wedges 50 to 62 degrees. While I full embrace the fact that the answer is to get Fitted by An Expert Professional Certified Club Fitter. Club Champion being one of the best. I have been fitted several times for clubs. Full bag, Driver, Iron and even...
  13. Johan185

    Loft Jacked Traditionist Help to. GAP Fit

    Ideas for Loft Jacked Traditionist. What Traditionist set of clubs you Played? What set of Modern Tech Clubs you Switched to? How did you fill your Gaps in between your Clubs? How Satisfied are you with the results...
  14. Johan185

    Advice for anyone who goes from MB'S to Cavity Backs

    I have generally enjoyed playing with my old Cavity Backs after years of playing Bladed Muscle Back Irons. Not that I had any business or Skills to properly Play The Blades. They did help my game significantly. Specifically in the ability to hit my Irons more consistently. Now on my...
  15. Johan185

    What If Tiger Played Player's Cavity Back?

    With the undeniable Success of Brooks Koepka and The Mizuno JPX 919 Tour. Is it possible that a switch to a Player's Cavity Back Would Give Tiger Woods what he ultimately Desires? Winning 20 Majors.
  16. Johan185

    Star Wars: The Rise of Cavity Back Pro

    Oh My:beat-up: Now that I have found the Fountain of Youth and Lower Scores. I think I'm Dead. Recently I have been playing Blades and for the most part not paying to much attention to the Latest technology in Golf. But Now that the Results are Indisputable in my Own Hands. I think I...
  17. Johan185


    Five years ago I was a 20 plus Handicapper who could not hit a Barn with any Club from 100 Yards. Much less an Iron or Wedge. Having played Cavity Backs and SGI Irons and Hybrids for years. Mizuno released the MP-5's and I immediately fell in love with the Looks. Who Can Resist Shinny...
  18. Johan185

    Dropping Bombs with the Driver

    Do you feel confident enough with your Driver to Swing for the bleachers when there is no danger whatsoever within your landing Zone? What about danger only on one side?:nono::soldier::drinks::thp:
  19. Johan185

    Filing Your Divots with Sand

    How many of Us Repair and fill our Divots on the Tee Box? With Sand, Seed Mix provided? How many times do we Complain that the Tee Boxes are filled with Divots and not a single decent location for Teeing up Our Golf Balls :drinks:

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