1. MagicSpell

    New Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedges

    I might have missed this elsewhere, but I just received an email from Callaway indicating their new Mack Daddy CB Wedges are available starting today...
  2. MagicSpell

    Can you imagine this scenario?

    This is a duel to the finish. Such an unlikely outcome too. Can you imagine two golfers tied for the lead teeing off on #18. One golfer eagles the hole .... and LOSES the tournament...
  3. MagicSpell

    Golf Etiquette on the course

    Professional golf seems to be in the minority when it comes to fan behavior affecting the players. Other sports have fans trying to distract players at times during the game (shooting free throws in basketball, free kicks in soccer, disrupting players at bat in baseball, etc). Golf seems to be...
  4. MagicSpell

    How would you change the USGA Handicap rules?

    Some recent threads have suggested that there's much wrong with the current USGA handicap methods. What changes would you like to see in order to make the handicap system more useful? Can the system be adjusted to prevent sandbagging? Should tournaments use a combination of handicap and posted...
  5. MagicSpell

    Callaway Hex Tour Soft golf balls available from Costco

    Was at my local Costco yesterday and walked by this display. I know Costco has previously sold "special" Titleist and Callaway balls in the past. Anyone know which model of the Callaway line up this ball might be? Right next to these were the last of the Callaway Superhot 55 balls. I also...
  6. MagicSpell

    Question on relief options

    This is a scenario that I faced yesterday. I pushed my approach shot right and the ball ended up about 30 yards short of the green resting on the cart path. Knowing I could take relief from the cart path I looked at my options for where to drop. Left of the cart path is a line of trees and...
  7. MagicSpell

    Any home networking wiring experts here?

    I'm looking to take on a task I've been putting off for years - wiring my house for ethernet. I've got wires running through several rooms already but they are just tacked to the floorboards and ceiling which is ugly. I even have a few running from one room through the air vents to another...
  8. MagicSpell

    Searching for the right ball - how much is enough?

    I recently took an inventory of my "golf closet" which is where I keep my equipment. I was a bit astonished (and maybe slightly embarrassed) to determine that I have well over 500 never used golf balls on the shelf. Much of that is due to wanting to try different balls with different...
  9. MagicSpell

    Good (tour) balls not for high handicappers?

    Was wondering about a comment given to me at a local golf superstore. First, a little background. I've never played serious golf though I play in our company league each year (only 9 holes a week for several months). My handicap is pretty consistent at 12-14 each year (9 hole handicap). One...

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