1. djt311

    Scary Movie time...

    A few I always seem to watch around this time of year: Sinister, Nightmare on Elm Street, Insidious, The Descent, 28 Days Later, 30 Days of Night.
  2. djt311

    What loft is your driver?

    10.5 for me.
  3. djt311

    Should This Sign Exist?

    Yes it should and it should be on every golf cart or push cart of all the slow players so they are easily identified. :ROFLMAO:
  4. djt311

    Why Did The Golfer Cross The Road?

    That was awesome.
  5. djt311

    CONTEST Q3 Post Drive Winnners!!

    Congrats everyone!!
  6. djt311

    Anybody done for the Golf Season due to weather?

    Looks like it may be over here in Mn but you never know. Looking to head somewhere warm in November to play though.
  7. djt311

    My Club Champion fitting, Philadelphia, Oct 2020

    Thanks for the insight on your fitting.
  8. djt311

    What is the appropriate punishment for this?

    Man that is a harsh prank but glad that he handled it cool, calm and collected.
  9. djt311

    Phil Mickelson Goes to 47.5”

    I am thinking that may not help his dispersion but you never know.
  10. djt311

    Asher Serengeti Gloves

    I don't mind the design and could easily use.
  11. djt311


    Received messages from these accounts, hope they find the scammers
  12. djt311


    Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully they can figure out the culprit
  13. djt311


    Think I won this contest on Instagram as I got a notification from THP but the link to follow was broken any ideas @JB and @GolferGal
  14. djt311

    How Drivers are Created

    Great video and insight
  15. djt311

    What did you shoot today?

    41/43=84. Getting chilly here in MN and todays high of 50 is the nicest it will be for maybe the rest of the year and snow is predicted next week. Was able to get out and it was a little windy and cold but put together a good round. If I didn't have 2 penalties probably would have been right...
  16. djt311

    LIVE UPDATE THREAD The 2020 Morgan Cup Sponsored by Cobra Golf

    Great reading through all the recaps, what an event, it was so fun to follow along.
  17. djt311

    CONTEST Team Paradise Giveaway

    Congrats on the win.
  18. djt311

    Shout Out to Budget Golf!

    That is amazing customer service right there.
  19. djt311


    Thanks for the contest, good luck to all.

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