1. choppstixxx

    Titleist TSi Driver Review

    Recently did a Titleist Thursday fitting for the new TSi drivers, last Titleist driver I gamed was a 913 D2. A little background on me, mid to high hdcp player, 7i for me goes about 150ish. Been gaming a M6 10.5 with my old faithful Proforce v2 Reg flex, never been fitted for any club before. I...
  2. choppstixxx

    What Golf Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Other day I finally got my first golf club fitting at a local Titleist Thursday. Very surprised by the results and the final head/shaft combo I was fitted for. Looks like an end of the season purchase is in store to start fresh next year.
  3. choppstixxx

    2021 Masters Ticket Application is live

    Yea this year you had a better chance at probably hitting a HIO then getting a ticket. The key every year is to never really get your hopes up, that way you never are really disappointed haha
  4. choppstixxx

    Have you ever been ready to leave the game

    I also think that sometimes people just need a break from golf, I played 40ish rounds every year for the past 5+ yrs and then hit this recent "wall". It gave me my weekends and weeknights back, I went boating/spent time with family and friends/worked on my new house. There's nothing wrong with...
  5. choppstixxx

    Have you ever been ready to leave the game

    Been there my friend, starting end of last year to middle of this year. Game was completely un-usable, friend's that have played with me for years were shocked with what they saw. I ponied up the cash to get a lesson and sorted a lot of my issues. I also bought a hitting mat/net to practice what...
  6. choppstixxx

    Nike Air Max 270 G Golf Shoes Size 9

    Hi Guys, No trades unless you have a pair of the same shoes/cond. in size 8.5, will ship USPS w/tracking. Thanks Brand new pair of Nike Air Max 270 G golf shoes in size 9, thought they would run small/narrow so I ordered up a half size. They def. fit pretty true IMO, so these are up for sale. SOLD
  7. choppstixxx

    WTB Any iron sets available for $250ish?

    I'd recommend trying to find a nice set of Taylormade Burner 2.0's. Probably one of the best "old" sets that still offer so much in a very inexpensive package.
  8. choppstixxx

    For Sale Ping i25 4-UW Irons Red Dot Steelfiber i95 R Flex

    Hi Guys, No trades at this time, will ship out USPS w/tracking. I have for sale my gamer irons, a set of Ping i25 4-UW irons Red dot w/Aerotech Steelfiber i95 Regular flex shafts that are PUREd and come with like new Lamkin Tour Cord grips (4i has a Superstroke grip). I will note that the UW was...
  9. choppstixxx

    For Sale Swing Caddie SC300 and a TM GAPR Mid 4 21* Regular Flex

    Hi Guys, Just have two items today, will be shipping via USPS. No trades please, Thanks 1) Like new Swing Caddie SC300 launch monitor, no imperfections or damage to the screen, works flawlessly. Comes with charging cable and remote. SOLD! 2) Like new Taylormade GAPR Mid #4 21* with a Regular...
  10. choppstixxx

    For Sale Golf Pride/Lamkin Grip Lot

    Hi Guys, Just have a bunch of brand new grips I purchased over the years, no trades at this time. Shipping will be USPS, Thanks Grip lot includes: (2) GP Victory Cord Standard 60R (3) Lamkin Tour Cord Standard 60R, 2 have a white alignment on the logo side while 1 does not (SOLD) (3) Lamkin Z5...
  11. choppstixxx

    Flat Backswing

    Are you having ball striking issues with this type of back swing? If not, TBH who cares what your back swing looks like? Why go changing things that could potentially spiral you into new issues? I've always had a very flat back swing as well and it works, so I never changed it.
  12. choppstixxx

    I'm lost...reoccurring shanks

    IMO pony up and get an hour private lesson with a good local pro. I had been going on with heel/hosel shots for almost a year, tried to see if various YouTube videos/online tips would fix it. Never did, if anything I think it made what was going on worse. Went for an hour private lesson after I...
  13. choppstixxx

    Any Other Car Detailing Fanatics?

    No sir, car detailing products do not act like a film with no UV protection. Car detailing products more so bond to the paint, so you would never get a "yellowing" effect like your thinking no matter what color your paint is. Detailing products (unless they specifically state it) in general are...
  14. choppstixxx

    4 Cylinder Turbo vs V6

    In general there are not many modern vehicles/engines that are built to last that long problem free, on top of that most people in general tend to only keep their vehicles for 3-5 yrs if that. I think the biggest thing the OP can get from this is that they should drive both engine platforms and...
  15. choppstixxx

    4 Cylinder Turbo vs V6

    You won’t regret any Audi that bears the 3.0T engine, Stage 1 bumps you up close to 400 hp. Best bang for your buck mod for sure! Honestly the 3.0T engine in stock form is one heck of a motor, pulls hard and has reliability to boot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. choppstixxx

    4 Cylinder Turbo vs V6

    Being a VAG (Volkswagen Audi Group) guy/owner, for a vehicle that weights over 4000 lbs (without passengers) you'll appreciate the V6's added hp/tq vs. the turbo 4. They both use the same 8 speed transmission so your not gaining anything with choosing one over the other. I currently own a Audi...
  17. choppstixxx

    Mesh Networks for Home Use

    Have been running my Deco AC1200 (2 units) and a Deco M3 wall plug for the past few months and they have been awesome. Super simple to setup (vs the overly complicated Orbi) and manage, covers my entire 2100ish sq ft house. No dropped signals etc. and I have been working from home since March...
  18. choppstixxx

    For Sale Nike Lunar Control Vapor 2's Size 8.5

    Hi Guys, Just have two items for sale, no trades at this time. All come from a smoke free home. Shipping will be USPS, Thanks 1) Pair of Nike Tour Premiere's in the White/Black color way size 8.5, worn only a handful of times. As with all my golf shoes they are cleaned after every round, no...
  19. choppstixxx

    For Sale Ping G400 Max 10.5* Regular Flex Driver

    Hi Guy's, I have a nice cond. Ping G400 Max 10.5* driver with the factory Regular flex Alta CB shaft, standard length etc. Normal brush marks, but no dents or heavy wear. I even added some pop up tape to the top line, which can be easily removed as well. Will come with the factory headcover and...

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