1. colemanBro

    Cable Modem/Router suggestions

    I use Zyxel Armor Z2 for games, and it is a very good option for my needs. It all depends on what exactly you need this router for, right? Today, there are too many options on the market and the range is constantly increasing. I chose my router specifically with my son because in particular we...
  2. colemanBro

    Plumbing question

    I know what you're talking about. After the beginning of quarantine and self-isolation, my wife and I had to change, unfortunately, the previous place of housing. It was a difficult time, but we managed to find a good option, and there, just like you, there was a problem with the water supply...
  3. colemanBro

    Custom built PCs

    My computer was built a year and a half ago and during this time it has never been to the master because I ordered parts from the best store that offers good and high quality characteristics of the device for which these parts are intended. Personally I am a professional gamer and it is very...
  4. colemanBro

    Investments: Option trading 101

    I don't agree with the fact that big risks bring big rewards because sometimes it happens that a big investment in some non-profitable business can only bring loans that will take you into the negative. You need to invest wisely, as well as engage in trading because this market is full of...

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