1. Craigb

    What Golf Stuff Did You Do Today?

    1ST round since end of march due to virus restrictions. Started like a dog, but got better as i got into the round. Took my new TS2 and scotty squareback out for their first game. Both were brilliant especialy the Scotty, i love it. Firm, yes, but in a good way. Cant wait till Tuesday to get...
  2. Craigb

    Cutting down a shaft and effect swing weight.

    Thanks guys, this forum rocks. Will get more involved here , this is fun. In a serious lock down here so reading about golf is the next best to playing. Oh yeah and buying, hence the worry about shaft length. Pulled the trigger on the TS2 and a scotty for the equivilant of $450. A bargain i...
  3. Craigb

    Cutting down a shaft and effect swing weight.

    I have purchased a TS2 driver standard shaft 45.5 inches. I would like to know if i cut it down to 44 inches, does the reduced swing weight make that much difference. Do you really need to buy extra weights for the head, get a lighter grip etc. If the swing weight is D2 for example, then it...
  4. Craigb

    Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter Thread

    Thanks for the reply.
  5. Craigb

    Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter Thread

    Rolled the #9 and really liked the feel. My concern is that i had a #9 milled collection and the steel mesh on the face came away. I really want to the the plunge on this putter, i just need to know if odyssey have fixed the issue.

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