1. FrancisD

    Ball to reduce side spin

    The old Bridgestone E6 was by far my favorite golf ball ever! Then they changed it to E6 Soft and E6 Speed and they lost me, neither was as good. My ball flight is high with tons of backspin/sidespin... and spin off my driver is a major concern for me. My friends laugh at me when conditions are...
  2. FrancisD

    The Match 3 Kickoff to THPers

    Good flick but I would probably watch Gal Gadot do anything...
  3. FrancisD

    Pa players

    Some great courses in Bucks County, just played Makefield Highlands this past weekend, love that course, wide open and a few short par 4s which make things interesting.
  4. FrancisD

    10 Finger Grip?!?

    An update, just had my best 9 last Sunday with my new 10 finger grip 46/38. The 46 is a little inflated took an 11 on a par 5... Was +2 the last 11 holes. I still feel getting my grip repeatable is an issue so I am going to get my buddy to put a GP Zgrip align on my driver and 7I to see if I...
  5. FrancisD

    Pa players

    Inniscrone Golf Club up on Group Golfer for $25. https://www.groupgolfer.com/
  6. FrancisD

    Cart Bag or Carry Bag?

    I have both a Sun Mountain 2.5 and C130. But I gave up carrying and just use the C130 now on my push cart when I walk and when I ride. There is one thing I hate about my C310 though, there is only 1 place for hanging things like my brush and its on the side if you carrying it on your right...
  7. FrancisD

    Would this be an eagle?

    Yep clearly an eagle. I've been trying to get some interaction with the hawks on my course for some help but they want nothing to do with me...
  8. FrancisD

    What is a "Sandy"?

    Having a debate with some friends as to what constitutes a "Sandy". I am in the camp of getting up and down for par or better within 2 strokes after you land in the sand. But some are arguing its just par or better on the hole if you are in the sand at anytime on the hole. Their opinion is...
  9. FrancisD

    What a cool ANGC story

    He definitely needs to write a book when he's done with his role in the Masters.
  10. FrancisD

    2020 Product That Surprised You

    By far my Taylormade Spider X Chalk White Slant Neck putter. Got fitted for it @ Club Champion and it's a game changer for me on the greens.
  11. FrancisD

    PS5 & Xbox Series X

    Was rapidly clicking Walmart's website yesterday for a PS5 and nothing but randomly checked Anazib Buying the disk does not gain you any storage space vs digital but it does let you trade it in, give to friends, etc. I'm with you all digital...
  12. FrancisD

    The Pets Thread

    My boy Brownie.. 13 diabetic, deaf, and can't see for s**t. Was home an hour today before he realized I was there. Loves to go for "long" walks and get carried home(lucky he is 10 lbs). He can still sniff out any sort of food dropped in a 100' radius. Still a great snuggler and smoocher....
  13. FrancisD

    Favorite movies from your youth to show your kids?

    Jurassic Park was epic in the theater!!!
  14. FrancisD

    Favorite movies from your youth to show your kids?

    The Goonies *edit Gremlins!* went to the theater at least 4 times that summer to watch it! Thinking about it I got more: ET Home Alone Who Framed Roger Rabbit The Princess Bride (not sure how old the kids are..)
  15. FrancisD

    YOUR Opinion: Biggest golf fashion faux pas?

    Speedos would probably be the only thing I don't want to see on the golf course. My home course is a cheap 9 hole course $1500 unlimited walking golf and they have deals for families and pool discount combos so I see all sorts of people out there, but most of the time it looks like they are...
  16. FrancisD

    Orlando area courses

    I "almost" had a crazy experience at Southern Dunes, course was in great shape and played great but.. me and my brother in law were playing there a like 6-7 years ago and the course was empty. The course winds through a neighborhood and at one point we were BSing in not paying attention and all...
  17. FrancisD

    10 Finger Grip?!?

    Great advice! I am actually looking into new grips. I currently use Winn Dri Tacs and have replaced my driver grip 4 times this year.
  18. FrancisD

    10 Finger Grip?!?

    Was an idiot last week and jammed(smushed) my right ring finger pretty good picking up a break the wrong way by myself... Come Saturday morning we have the first tee time so no warm ups and omg did my interlocking grip hurt on that first swing. I made it through the 1st hole with my regular...
  19. FrancisD


    Scooped up a grey beanie, my bald head thanks you!
  20. FrancisD

    Whiskey Thread

    I'm a huge fan of Red Breast 12. This seems to be a bit cheaper. Have you had both?

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