1. FrancisD

    What is a "Sandy"?

    Having a debate with some friends as to what constitutes a "Sandy". I am in the camp of getting up and down for par or better within 2 strokes after you land in the sand. But some are arguing its just par or better on the hole if you are in the sand at anytime on the hole. Their opinion is...
  2. FrancisD

    10 Finger Grip?!?

    Was an idiot last week and jammed(smushed) my right ring finger pretty good picking up a break the wrong way by myself... Come Saturday morning we have the first tee time so no warm ups and omg did my interlocking grip hurt on that first swing. I made it through the 1st hole with my regular...
  3. FrancisD

    Tip for Mattress Delivery?

    Last mattress I had delivered was around 12 years ago but don't remember what I did... I'm getting a mattress and foundation delivered next week with setup and removal of the old mattress and box spring. How much if any do I tip these guys? I live in a 3rd floor walkup. I'm thinking $50? The...
  4. FrancisD

    Favorite Sporting Event Food

    I met up with a buddy of mine this past weekend that I used to go to a ton of Yankee games with and we were talking about not only missing going to games but also missing the food. Do you have any favorite food from sporting events? Mine are: Yankee Stadium - Lobel's Steak Sandwich, dip it...
  5. FrancisD

    Favorite Frozen Hamburger Patty

    I love me a good burger, I don't have the time to make them from scratch so I usually buy Schweid & Sons or Wahlburgers fresh patties which I usually freeze half of anyway. So I'm wondering does anyone have a favorite frozen hamburger patty?
  6. FrancisD

    5 Iron Alternative?

    I currently game a Ping G410 5I 23.5 loft and am having so much trouble with it off the tee on a par 3 at my home course. My buddy has a specific 3W(RBZ2) he plays off our 18th tee because he draws it really well; I was thinking maybe I need a specific club for our 8th hole which is a par 3 with...
  7. FrancisD

    Spotted Lantern Flies!!

    Anyone else dealing with these? If so are you using a pet friendly spray? At this point I don't think I could spray enough...
  8. FrancisD

    Adidas Golf Superstar Spiked Shoes

    I'm gonna be rockin' some shell tops on the golf course! https://www.adidas.com/us/golf-superstar-spiked-shoes/FY9926.html
  9. FrancisD

    Comfortable Carry Bag?

    What are people's thoughts on a comfortable carry bag? I currently have a Sun Mountain 2.5 and have been using it for almost a year and I have to say that while it is very light the straps are very uncomfortable for me. After a year I thought I would get used to them but after every round my...
  10. FrancisD

    Golf Glove Issue Thumb Twisting

    Lately I have been having an issue with the thumb of my golf glove twisting and the seam being in the middle of the contact my thumb has with the grip. I currently wear cadet XL gloves, I'm not sure if a bigger size might solve this issue or if there is a glove out there that has the seam on top...
  11. FrancisD

    WTB - Ping G400 3 Wood R flex

    Might as well try here... WTB - Ping G400 3 Wood R flex
  12. FrancisD

    4 Iron Slot Options

    I want to tinker with my 4 iron slot. I hit it great off the tee but everywhere else it seems to be a weak right shot. What are my club options? 4 hybrid, 5 wood, heaven wood?
  13. FrancisD

    Bulle Rock GRRR

    I purchased the below package from Bulle Rock in December 2017, today I get a call from them that the package is no longer valid and to consider my $299 a gift card toward greens fees and none of the other inclusions are valid... ($299 doesn't even fully cover 3 rounds of golf) Bulle Rock –...
  14. FrancisD

    Course Policy Change?!?!

    For the past 5 years my friends and I have been frequenting a golf course which utilizes a frequent player card which grants you a free round for every ten rounds you play. We play this course probably 10 - 15 times a year, almost always play 36, sit down for lunch, get beers/apps after the...
  15. FrancisD

    PS4 Destiny?

    Anyone playing Destiny on the PS4? I keep trying other games but keep coming back to Destiny. add me if you want to run some daily, weekly strikes, raids or whatever... francis_-d
  16. FrancisD

    Myrtle Beach Trip Planning

    Does anyone have any suggestions or experiences with booking a Myrtle Beach trip? Good companies to use, ones to avoid, etc.
  17. FrancisD


    Just spent the last 2 weeks in and out of the hospital after my appendix ruptured on Christmas Eve. I had an laparoscopic appendectomy on the 26th but the infection took me awhile to fight off, I had to go back in for 3 days to get drains put in, not pretty.... I'm feeling better now and went...
  18. FrancisD

    Myrtle Beach trip

    One of my buddies won the lotto for 4 tickets to the Tuesday practice round at the Masters. We decided that we will hit up Myrtle Beach for a few days leading up to the event then drive to Augusta from there. Maybe even stop off in Virginia or DC for a round on the way home on Wed. This is what...
  19. FrancisD

    Caddy tipping/etiquette

    I'm going to be playing a course where caddies are required for the first time. What does one usually tip a caddy? We are playing with a member so I guess I should ask him when we get there. Also anyone have any etiquette tips? I don't want to look like more of an idiot out there then usual lol.
  20. FrancisD

    Big Break Mexico Belts

    Anyone know what belts Brent and Matt were wearing on Big Break Mexico? They have a hand logo on the buckle. I think Matt's was snakeskin or at least looked like it.

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