1. gbigoose1

    To All Slicers

    If you would like to stop slicing forever, please watch this video. This is not an endorsement, nor am I affiliated with Joseph Mayo. He is a teaching professional, part of Waite Mayo Golf (The other half being Grant Waite, that guy with the best swing on tour for a while according to Tiger.)...
  2. gbigoose1

    Swing Method Thoughts

    Hey guys it's almost the start of a new golf season and even though I'm playing well, I'm looking for a certain "swing method" that I can structure my swing around. I've nailed the basics of the golf swing such as attacking from the inside and squaring the clubface, but when things go wrong I...
  3. gbigoose1


    I've recently got my swing 'numbers' and realized that at impact, my hips are up to 70* open and my shoulders were around 50* open. (For example, my right foot is completely off the ground at impact, except for my toe.) I know for a fact that the pros are much less than that, especially with the...
  4. gbigoose1

    Impact Position

    Hello, I've recently got my swing 'numbers' and realized that at impact, my hips are up to 70* open and my shoulders were around 50* open. (For example, my right foot is completely off the ground at impact, except for my toe.) I know for a fact that the pros are much less than that, especially...
  5. gbigoose1

    Swing Help

    Hey everyone. This is a swing I taped on the range today, and was just looking for some input. I know a couple of my problems, including overswinging and drawing the club too far inside on the backswing. Do you guys have any good drills for stopping either of these issues. I'm trying to get the...
  6. gbigoose1

    Putting Tips

    Hey guys. I would like to hear your best tips and drills for putting, if you have any. Hitting fairways and greens is awesome and makes golf fun, but it's really frustrating to hit good shots and just not feel confident that you are going to make your birdie putt. Thanks in advance. -gbi
  7. gbigoose1

    GolfTec Fitting

    Hey guys I haven't been here for a while but I just wanted to add another testimonial to the amazing fitting's put on by GolfTec. I've been getting lessons at GolfTec for the past couple months and so I was planning on getting fitted anyways. It helped my decision when my car was broke into, and...
  8. gbigoose1

    Pros and Equipment Deals

    At THP we all put such a premium on fitting, and anyone who has gone through one can tell us why. So my question is, if a professional golfer gets a full equipment deal, are they possibly hindering there game? The couple things I do know is that they are already so good, that equipment (as long...
  9. gbigoose1

    golfTec fitting question

    Ok, I am in my series of golfTec lessons right now and love every second of them. The technology is amazing and my teacher is great. So, I'm going to do a fitting once September rolls around. My question is this: Will golfTec work with you on what you like? What I mean by this is, say I've got a...
  10. gbigoose1

    Wraps of tape under grip

    Besides the feel, does this have any effect on your club performance? Would more wraps help a hook, as it would keeps the hands more quiet through impact? And on the other hand, would less help you release the club face more through the hitting area, promoting a draw? Thanks for the input
  11. gbigoose1

    High Lofted Drivers

    I'm looking for a new driver so I headed out to golf galaxy today and hopped right in the monitor with a certified fitter. So we start out hitting some of the New Nike Stuff with 10.5 heads and stiff shafts and I'm not getting as much distance as I think I can, I was hitting it about 225. We...
  12. gbigoose1

    Spin Doctor Wedge

    The Polara Golf balls got me thinking about this. Has anyone tried the spin doctor wedges? I would personally never play them as I play in some junior tournaments and I don't think spin is super important, but I am curious to see if they work. So, has anyone tried them? Thoughts?
  13. gbigoose1

    Topping the Ball

    Hey Andy, So my first round of the year I hit a lot of good shots and was really pleased. Something that happened though (3 times to be exact, but it was only 9 holes) was that I completely topped the ball. The thing is, I don't think it was an awful swing. I was still taking a clean divot...
  14. gbigoose1

    Titleist 910 Fd

    Do we have have any threads on this club already? If so just merge. I know there is a 910 driver thread but.. Anyways, does anybody own this club and have a review for it. I'm really intrigued by this club and love the concept of a club that you can go to if your struggling off the tee...
  15. gbigoose1

    Taylor Made Drivers..

    Ok so I'm wondering if anybody has an answer to why Taylor Made doesn't put out their two drivers at the same time. (The 440 cc and the 460 cc.) It seems like it would help out people who really need a new club and want that white driver but might need a little more forgiveness. Also, I'm sure...
  16. gbigoose1

    Shaft Flex ?

    If you have a shaft flex that is to weak for you, what will the ball flight possibly be like? Thanks
  17. gbigoose1

    College World Series

    Ok, I live here in Omaha and we go to a lot of CWS games. Last year since it was the last year at Rosenblatt, my family went to 8 and I went to 4 more with friends. But this year, the prices are going up and I just don't think it will be as fun. The stadium is set up like a MLB stadium except...
  18. gbigoose1


    Ok, so Aggros thread has inspired me to try to get help with something that I have to get rid of. I am addicted to pop. I can drink up to three a day, normally at least two. It's almost a habit now to just randomly grab one. My favorite is coke lol.. I'm 15 and weigh only 140 pounds, but to much...
  19. gbigoose1


    Hey andy! Hope your tournaments are going well, what could causing me to be topping the golf ball? I don't think I'm flipping. This just started happening, literally a week ago I was hitting the ball fine.
  20. gbigoose1

    Budget Golf Ball Shootout

    This spring I'm looking for a new golf ball that is not super expensive but still has pretty good quality. The top price is going to be 30$ and anything below that is fine. I obviously can't do this test until the spring, but I can start looking around and getting what I need. Note- Obviously...

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