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    Anybody use the website scrolf.com for their buddies trip? I'm curious to hear how it worked for you.
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    Need 1 More for guys golf outing

    We just had a guy drop out. We are looking for 1 more guy to join us at Geneva national next fri-sun. 350 a guy + 20 for food + a little cash for skins and side action. Good time with a bunch of salesman taking the weekend off. Your own room too.
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    Where can I get a golf logo?

    We're now approaching our 5th annual guys trip. I guess that makes it a legitimate outing. Insert wife joke here.... I feel the need to come up with a logo, now that we're legit. Anyone know where I can go on the web for a graphic designer, student, etc. That can come up with one for us on...
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    How can I tell if my driver is broken?

    My Nike sumo driver seems to have lost pop. It's also not sounding right. There are no visual cracks. Maybe it's just me, but it seems off. Any ideas?
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    Eagle ridge resort, galena Illinois

    Anyone familiar with this place? Trying to find a new venue for our guys golf trip. Pre season pricing seems pretty reasonable. There will be 16 off us. Is the "General" worth the extra dough?
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    Brown deer golf course, iowa

    We have our annual golf outing to a mana colonies, Iowa. But we always leave the complex for 1 round. This year we're headed to brown deer. Was wondering how that compares to finkbine?
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    Need 1 More

    Can you believe we are only 2 weeks away from our buddy trip and we lost a guy to a knee injury. We are headed to a mana colonies Iowa on may 20th. Any hackers in the area that want to golf 90 holes in3 days? Ryder cup style.
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    Skins game

    I would like to get a Saturday morning skins game going at my course. Does anyone have any suggestions to get this going? Or any successful parameters you're using? I'm thinking we should be using handicaps.
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    New here

    Nice to come across some other golf degenerates. Enjoy the threads. Finally getting warm enough here to hit the links.

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