1. fracisco

    Nighttime Golf Tournament

    Came across this photo in today's L.A. Times of a night time golf tournament that was run in the 1950's in the no longer around Inglewood Country Club. Got a kick out of the mobile lighting team. http://framework.latimes.com/2014/01/08/1952-golf-tournament-at-night/
  2. fracisco

    Video Interview with Merion GC Super

    Frank, fun interview with the Director of Operations for Merion GC on getting the course ready for the US Open. http://myphillygolf.com/detail.asp?id=13331&pid=20 Worth 10 minutes of your day.
  3. fracisco

    Alice Cooper - 4 handicap

    Came across this Q&A with Alice Cooper in this morning's LA Times: http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-alice-cooper-qa-20130114,0,4928922.story Alice Cooper is best known for his distinct brand of rock 'n' roll, incorporating horror elements including guillotines, electric chairs, fake blood...
  4. fracisco

    Finally - signed up for lessons

    I have been in denial since picking up golf a couple of years ago, that I could get by in my golf game by playing more and hitting lots of balls on the range. Well, I finally realized that just doesn't cut it. I'm in contact with a local pro, and I'm going to commit to getting better at a game...
  5. fracisco

    Patagonia rainpants

    I'm considering some Patagonia Torrentshell pants as stashable raingear for the winter. http://www.patagonia.com/us/product/mens-waterproof-torrentshell-pants?p=83810-0-984 Anybody try pants from Patagonia or other outdoor gear companies for this type of application?
  6. fracisco

    Sedona, AZ Golf

    I was out in Sedona last week with my family and my sister's family. The weather was fantastic (low 80's with low humidity). My brother in law and I got the opportunity to get out and play golf on Memorial Day, and got around in an easy 3:30. We played at Sedona Golf Resort with a midday tee...
  7. fracisco

    Soggy lies

    I had a few times over the weekend where I was in the fairway, but in a part of the fairway that was not completely drained. No standing water, but definitely a soggy lie. I kept hitting fat behind ball in these lies, whereas on dry fairway I would hit clean. And a fat hit in soggy turf...
  8. fracisco

    Looking for THP reviews of Ventura/Oxnard Muni's

    Anybody get a chance to play Olivas Links, Ventura Muni, or River Ridge in Ventura/Oxnard, CA? They pix online look great, but I'm looking for some personal insight.
  9. fracisco

    Skylinks GC, Long Beach, CA

    Got out onto Skylinks GC, yesterday. It's a public course in Long Beach, CA, that offers good rates for residents (which I am not). It being the holiday week in L.A., tee times can be hard to come by. My dad and I were paired up with a threesome (yes, fivesomes are normal around here on...
  10. fracisco

    Practice balls for backyard chipping - trade offs?

    My wife got me a chipping target net for Christmas, and I would like to set it up in the backyard from time to time. My challenge is that I have about a 50 foot run between where I will be able to strike the ball to where I can place the net. What are the trade offs in feel/playability between...
  11. fracisco

    Hello from sunny L.A.

    Okay, I'm lying about the sun. I've played off and on for about 20 years, and I have recently decided to get a little more serious and consistent about playing (want to go from an annual round or two to a monthly round). In general, I have only played golf with my father, but it's time to...

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