1. Br1an_g

    Dundonald Links - 22nd October 2011

    i will be playing Dundonald Links on the 22nd October and will post a picture review after..just wanted to whet some appetites with the website.. http://www.dundonaldlinks.com/ so, im a bit behind with this update, but been a bit mental with work. played the 2 rounds, and managed to get some...
  2. Br1an_g

    Westerwood Hotel & Golf Resort - Nr Glasgow, UK, Scotland

    http://www.qhotels.co.uk/hotels/the-westerwood-near-glasgow/golf.aspx my friends and I visited the SCottish golf show earlier in the year and received 2 free golf vouchers, one of which was for the westerwood hotel and golf resort just outside glasgow. so before the end of the season we thought...
  3. Br1an_g

    matching your shafts in your woods?

    im a bit confused.. i got fitted for my driver and the fubuki shaft and was told to put the same in my 3 wood, but im really struggling to hit my 3 wood at all even though my driver is great. the shaft just doesnt seem to react the same way as in the driver and i cant really tell where the...
  4. Br1an_g

    Mizuno JPX 800 Driver

    just saw a tweet from mizuno about this. pics look nice but cant find a lot of info. tell me youve had one for a few weeks JB :D
  5. Br1an_g

    KBS Hi-Rev shafts

    ok, so been investigating some new wedges and also what shaft options are available. heard and read lots about the DG spinner shafts but unfortunately they are not available in europe due to insert and climate!! the nearest equivalent high (er) spinning shaft available i can find is the KBS...
  6. Br1an_g

    Help me shortlist some new irons

    Ok, so i have finally bitten the bullet and cleaned up my irons for sale and listed them on the bay, so in the market for a new set. bit of background may help. 17 handicap usually hitting mid to high 80's on my home course. good fundamentals. bad shot a hook. ball flight is naturally high...
  7. Br1an_g

    Greetings from Scotland

    Hi All, I am Brian from Glasgow in Scotland. came across the forum and it seemed like a pretty good place for golf info and banter so i signed up. Took up golf about 5 years ago, got lots of lessons, then joined my first club about 4 years ago with a handicap of 24. got this down over 2...

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