1. dtak84

    Holly Sonders left Golf channel!

    Holly Sonders is supposedly joining Fox! http://golfweek.com/news/2014/jul/11/holly-sonders-leaves-golf-channel-join-fox-sports/
  2. dtak84

    Callaway X2 Hot Line

    Callaway is expanding on the X Hot line with the X2 Hot. Driver and Pricing Fairway Woods Hybrids Irons
  3. dtak84

    Golf Stats

    Oobgolf brought up this series of articles to my attention. I've read all three so far and wow, they're pretty interesting. I like stats though, so, to each his own. Moneygolf Will new statistics unlock the secrets of golf? Each article is fairly long, but good!
  4. dtak84

    Client Golf with Charles Barkley CDW

    This was posted on oobgolf.com but I wanted to share here!
  5. dtak84

    Ian Poulter Trick Shots

    Didn't find a thread on this, but if so, please merge! Ian Poulter does some golf tricks with World Trick Shot Champion Geoff Swain.
  6. dtak84

    10 Yr old in US Women's Am

    What is going on?! I feel so inadequate... From Golfweek: My question is, can she hit the ball far enough at 10 yrs old to be able to compete? Or is it big enough news that she made it in but probably won't even get close to the match play?
  7. dtak84

    Leap Motion - Next Generation of "touch"screen

    This technology is insane! http://www.technologyreview.com/view/428350/the-most-important-new-technology-since-the-smart/ In Minority Report, they use hand gestures in mid-air. This technology makes it possible. Watch the video! Some people can't see any "real" usefulness to this as of right...
  8. dtak84

    Suzann Pettersen in ESPN Body Issue

    Issue is out on July 13th. Do these players do this for the marketability or just for fun? I'm not complaining either way... http://www.golfchannel.com/news/golftalkcentral/pettersen-to-pose-nude-in-espns-body-issue/
  9. dtak84

    Rory, Wozniacki, Sharapova

    Rory after winning the Honda Classic went to New York to hang out with his gf Caroline Wozniacki. This was part of the exhibition match she played in. http://youtu.be/gTGOOB0z_-Q
  10. dtak84

    Golf's New Power Couple

    Golf's New Power Couple: Natalie Gulbis and Dustin Johnson are dating Read more: http://blogs.golf.com/presstent/2011/01/golfs-new-power-couple-natalie-gulbis-and-dustin-johnson-are-dating.html#ixzz1AVdwF0nc
  11. dtak84

    Ben Crane's Insane Work Out

    This is hilarious. First saw it on oobgolf.
  12. dtak84

    W w d c - 2010

    IPhone 4!!!! Thoughts? The screen, camera, gyroscope, processor... So much awesomeness!
  13. dtak84

    Tiger out of therapy

    Getting ready for the Masters? Report: Tiger out of therapy
  14. dtak84

    Apple IPad

    Apple's new tablet is official! Live from the Apple 'latest creation' event -- Engadget seems like it's just an oversized Iphone to me...
  15. dtak84

    Tiger Woods Online

    The Open beta for EA's new Tiger Woods game was released today! http://tigerwoodsonline.ea.com I think you can register and all that at that link. It's free to play, with additional content costing extra I believe. The graphics are kind of funky, but I'm pretty sure it's because not everyone...
  16. dtak84

    Compared clubs at GolfGalaxy today...

    I read from someone else in another post that the simulator GolfGalaxy uses is game-y. Does that also mean it isn't very accurate? When I went to get my Burner driver, the distances I got were pretty close to what I got when I started using it on the course. Inaccurate? Yes/No? Today, I went in...
  17. dtak84

    Pasadena and golf

    HOOK 'EM HORNS (formatting text on a phone is tedious) Anyway, just found out I'll be going to the game where the Horns will stomp ALL over the Crimson Tide (love that nickname by the way). I'll be getting there thursday morning for the game, and then golfing all day Friday and Saturday...
  18. dtak84

    Jury Duty

    Any of you look forward to jury duty? I'm sitting in the jury room... have at least 5 hrs till we start getting dismissed. I feel like I'm in a kind of reverse lottery/contest. When they're reading out panelists, I don't want to get picked, and as the list nears the end, my adrenaline picks up...
  19. dtak84

    Wedge Question

    I hope this is in the right section. So, I've been wondering recently why people choose to get wedges that aren't a part of their iron set? If you have the option to buy PW, AW/GW, SW, would you? or would you stop at PW and get a separate set of AW/GW, SW, LW? And why? I would think that...
  20. dtak84

    Hello from San Antonio, Tx!

    Hello THP! Been a lurker for a while, decided to register... Started playing golf in Feb. and have been addicted since. Regret not starting years ago when my dad was trying to get me into the game. Hopefully I'll be getting a lot of rounds in this winter, want to break 90 before spring!

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